QR codes application in the world: unique cases from different countries

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Worldwide QR Codes

The popularity of QR technology grows every year. Users worldwide know how to make a QR code for free, scan it, modify it, and so on. Even though the QR code was invented in Japan, it is popular around the globe now.

In what countries are QR codes popular?

According to statistics, the demand for interactive codes has grown by 96% in just two years (2018-2020). And with the global pandemic and the restrictions it caused, the QR codes' popularity started breaking all records in the following years.

Today people use QR codes successfully in China, Singapore, Canada, Brazil, Great Britain, Vietnam, Germany, and other countries. There are certain peculiarities of the QR code generator use in different countries. Let's take a world tour and discover how QR codes are created, distributed, and used worldwide.

QR in Countries
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QR codes in the USA

In the U.S., 81% of adults have smartphones, so it is not surprising that this country is among the leaders in the number of QR code scans. According to Statista, most Americans use interactive codes to make a payment.

The most intriguing idea came from NASA. The agency has developed an interactive map for the Earth Day. It has 17 QR codes; scanning them will take you on a virtual trip around our planet.

QR codes in Germany

Germany is the European leader in QR technology use. Here, the QR code generator is widely used for coronavirus prevention initiatives and applied in entertainment centers and at government levels.

For example, since 2021, it has been prohibited to take photos and videos of emergency accidents in Germany. The government placed QR codes on ambulances to support the law. Pointing your camera at the QR code, you will see a warning about the shooting prohibition and a reminder of criminal responsibility (up to 2 years of imprisonment) on your smartphone.

Government QR Code
Educational QR Code

QR codes in India

India is famous for being home to different spices and fragrant tea types. Botany as science has great importance to the country. For this reason, QR codes are widely used here in the educational sphere.

For example, the botany department at Siddhartha College uses the QR code generator as an educational tool. You can see QR codes among trees and other plants around the campus, and by scanning them, you can learn these plants’ scientific names and properties.

QR codes in Spain

Spain entices tourists, stirring up their interest in national cuisine and culture. However, the country primarily uses QR technology to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

QR codes on Barcelona public transport are a great example. Visually impaired and blind people use smartphones to find QR codes within a 15-meter radius. Users get a sound or vibrational signal when the code is detected. This navigation system helps people with disabilities better navigate the city.

Public Transport QR
QR for Tourists

QR codes in Brazil

Brazil attracts tourists with its unique architecture, centuries-old history, and large-scale festivals. It is a QR paradise for travelers: the codes are placed on landmarks, street sidewalks, and road signs.

Rio de Janeiro streets deserve special attention. You will see interactive codes laid out in mosaic tiles right under your feet. The city authorities add links, videos, and PDFs to QR codes to help citizens and tourists navigate the city.

QR codes in Great Britain

Great Britain is a country of great musicians, poets, writers, athletes, and conservative beliefs. QR codes were not popular here until recently, but they quickly found their application in charity.

For example, the Beaston Cancer Charity and the Good Thyngs platform motivate people to donate to help cancer patients. Every participant receives a unique QR code discount card for hotels, bars, SPA centers, stores, etc.

Charity QR Code

Indeed, interactive codes are taking over the world. That's because to create a QR code means to keep up with the times and to get numerous benefits!