How to use QR codes during Christmas celebrations

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Christmas QR Codes

Christmas and New Year are the most long-awaited and favorite holidays among people. People usually spend more money on gifts and entertainment during the festive winter season. At this time, the season of holiday advertising campaigns begins in marketing.

During this period, businesses reach peak sales for the entire year. And to improve the performance of your advertising strategy for Christmas, use the QR code generator - a functional tool for creating and applying QR codes.

How to use QR codes during Christmas celebrations

A Christmas QR code's primary purpose is to grab shoppers' attention and redirect potential buyers to websites or mobile apps where they can order your products and services. Thus, you can reach a larger target audience and increase sales during the holiday season.


QR for Celebrations
Christmas QR Frames

To do this, it is enough to create QR codes with the desired content, customize the design and hold planned advertising campaigns for the holidays. It is extremely important to think over the design of an interactive code: it should organically fit into the concept of festive advertising. Therefore, pay attention to the ME-QR service's thematic frames for QR codes.  Also, when customizing your codes, give preference to traditional festive colors - red, green, and white.

In any case, QR codes help increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns for Christmas and make them more diverse. We want to share with you several ideas on how to introduce interactive codes into your Christmas marketing.

QR code for a discount coupon

Christmas discounts and promotions are an integral part of pre-holiday preparations. They motivate buyers to buy your goods and services and allow them to get special pleasure. Try to generate a QR code with a coupon to attract people's attention and increase sales. You can place such a code on social networks or advertising flyers to reach a wider audience.

Discount QR Code
Event QR Code

QR code for an event

A festive event with the Christmas theme will surely attract your target audience’s attention and make a positive impression. Adults and children adore Christmas concerts, festivals, and fairs. On such holidays, people often relax and spend more money than in the non-holiday season. Therefore, if you create a QR code for your event, you can win over clients and motivate them to buy your products.

QR code for shopping

You need to buy many things during the Christmas holidays, from house decorations to gifts for loved ones. This list can be so overwhelming that the very thought of shopping before Christmas can seem irritating. In such a situation, making a QR code using a link to the production in your online or offline store means making shopping easier for your customers. The only thing they need to do is to scan the code to buy the item they want instantly.

Shopping QR Code
Greetings QR Code

QR code for greetings

Remember to greet your clients and partners on the upcoming holidays - prepare a thematic QR code Christmas greeting to emphasize your concern for them. A great option is a virtual Christmas card with a QR code. You can add a video, audio, or text greeting to it, which the user will receive immediately after scanning your code.

As you can see, QR technology can potentially improve your Christmas marketing. So use the QR code generator and its features to maximize your success during the winter holiday season!