Importance of QR technology for energy companies

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Energy companies focus on providing customers with necessary services: connection of new subscribers, delivery and distribution of gas and electricity, network management, and so on. You can speed up and facilitate the process of solving these tasks by using a QR code generator and interactive codes.

QR codes in energy companies

Modern QR codes are very functional and are mainly used for quick access to the desired content. You can generate a QR code for a link, PDF file, text, image, video, etc., and the smartphone user will be able to view the information on their device.

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Dynamic codes that provide more advanced functions are especially in demand. If you create the QR code of a dynamic type, you can change its content and design anytime, track scan statistics , and more.

As a result, QR technology benefits businesses looking to improve the customer experience. Let's consider a few examples of QR codes used by energy companies.

Meter data

Monitoring meter readings makes it possible to track the amount of gas or electricity consumed per month and predict approximate energy costs. This will allow the client to adjust expenses, identify leaks, and prevent possible malfunctions in the operation of devices.

For this reason, smart meters are gaining more and more popularity. They independently transmit readings over a wireless network. Thus, advanced energy companies actively implement QR codes in their internal systems. They provide subscribers with the option to track the amount of energy consumed by scanning QR codes and thus receive information about gas or electricity consumption.

Meter QR Data
QR Payments

Details of payment for services

To pay for services, subscribers need to know the energy supplier's current account and bank details. You can create a QR code with the payment details of your energy company so that the client can easily save necessary information and make payments via smartphone without any problems.

In the future, place such informational QR codes on receipts for payment for services, on the website, on social networks, and in other appropriate places. Let your subscribers know they can quickly find their current account and pay for your services without worrying about making a mistake.

Current information and news

If your energy company plans renovations or tariff increases for services, it's very important to inform customers about upcoming changes in advance. Information support is crucial for building trusting relationships, as well as for preventing misunderstandings and conflicts.

The simplest option is to make a QR code using a link to a page on your website where you post news. You can see recent posts at the top of the blog page and thus use this code without time limits.

QR Information
QR Reviews

Contacts to get feedback

Let your subscribers easily contact your support team. This is especially necessary in emergencies, for example, when there’s a gas leak in the house or power lines are damaged.

To do this, create a QR code for email using a QR code generator. After scanning such a code, the link will redirect your subscriber to a form to write an email. One only needs to write a message and send the letter with a click.

Using modern QR codes for energy companies is very simple. Make QR codes with any content and use them for free!

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