Use of QR codes for stadiums and exhibition centers

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Organizing a large-scale event is a challenging task. The number of visitors to concerts at stadiums, football matches, and big exhibitions can cover up to 100,000. Thus, 82 thousand people attended the Live Aid music festival in 1985 at the British Wembley, and 68 thousand people visited the Euro 2020 football matches at the Puskas Arena in Budapest

How to make QR codes for stadiums

A tremendous amount of work should be done to prepare an event for thousands of people who will attend a stadium, arena, or exhibition center. If an event even for 50 people requires careful preparation, then a large-scale event requires a hundred times more effort.
You'll get a universal marketing platform for organizing and advertising your event by using the QR code generator. Thanks to this tool, you can not only create but also customize codes. For example, edit the QR code design, replace content, and get scan statistics.
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So, it is enough to generate QR codes with the necessary content to attract more people to the planned events and successfully organize them. To do this, you need to open the ME-QR QR generator,click the "Create QR" button, select the type of code (depending on the type of content you want to add) and upload your file. Next, customize the design of the code as you wish, and download it in the appropriate format.

Benefits of QR codes for arenas and exhibition centers

In addition to the fact that it is extremely easy to create a QR code, QR technology offers significant benefits for organizers and visitors:
  • increasing event attendance. Advertising with QR codes helps attract more attention from potential visitors. Users can scan the code and find out all the necessary information about a future concert, exhibition, etc. And the more they know, the more likely they are to attend your event
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  • growing the audience on social networks. Many people get information about the events of interest to them on social networks, which means it is worth supplying them with the necessary information. For example, representatives of New York's famous venue for public speeches, Madison Square Garden, regularly post posters of upcoming events on Facebook. For this purpose, you can generate a QR code with a link to your social media account and place it on promotional materials
  • distributing coupons and special offers. Buying a ticket to the desired event at a discount is a dream for many people. By offering your potential visitors great deals, you not only make them happy but also help increase sales and company income. For this purpose, it is convenient to place QR codes with coupons on promotional materials, for example, on posters with concert announcements
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  • collecting visitor feedback. Find out if your attendees were satisfied with a concert, match, or other events. To do this, you need to create a QR code to collect feedback. Thanks to this approach, you will receive valuable information that will help take into account the shortcomings in the organization of previous events. Moreover, the abundance of comments on your site or social networks helps increase the trust of potential guests
Entertainment concerts and sporting events are attended by thousands of people, so the organization and advertising must be approached responsibly. A QR generator and dynamic QR codes can significantly popularize large-scale events, so generate codes and get the maximum benefit!
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