QR code as a source of new opportunities for vending business

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QR for vending

Vending machines are appearing in large quantities in malls, offices, and even on the streets. They’re meant to help buyers purchase necessary goods like snacks, drinks, hygiene products, lottery tickets, etc. quickly and without a queue. 

It’s enough to select the desired option on the screen and make a payment in the cash compartment. Then the machine will instantly give out the purchased goods and change. But if you know how to generate a QR code online, you can unlock more options for your vending business.

The principles of QR code functioning on a vending machine


Buyers have become more discerning these days. They want quick, safe, and high-level service, a wide assortment of products, and everything that can improve their shopping experience. For this reason, vending machine owners have begun to use a QR code generator to take advantage of QR technology for vending business.


Often, they choose to create a QR code for a vending machine for one simple reason: the code can make shopping even easier and minimize the human effort when making a purchase. For example, PDF files with current promotional offers, contacts for contacting the owner, forms for collecting feedback, etc. are very often generated in QR codes.


Let's be honest: the vending machine itself is a device limited in its functionalities and focused solely on selling goods to customers. But using a QR code generator and placing dynamic codes on vending machines, you significantly expand the possibilities of your business.

Vending Machine QR
Vending QR Business

How to use QR codes in vending business


As the owner of a vending machine, you’re interested in increasing its cost-effectiveness and net profit. Therefore, these actionable ideas for using interactive QR codes will come in handy.


Inform customers about promotions

Try to create a QR code and encrypt offers with discounts and promotions. Any buyer can scan the code by using a QR scanner and get acquainted with relevant promotional materials.


Important: It’s better to use the QR code of a dynamic type. At any time, you can edit it and replace the outdated information about discounts and promotions with the current one without the need to reprint and place the code on the machine.

Share detailed information about products and services

Before making a purchase, buyers try to find out as much information about the product as possible. They want to know the features of your products, their composition, benefits, and so on.


Give clients this opportunity by applying QR technology. Create a QR code with text, video, audio, or other content that will provide people with detailed information about the offered goods and services.

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Ask to report bugs

Any equipment breaks and fails off and on. But when it comes to a vending machine, every hour of downtime can cause the loss of potential profit. To avoid such troubles, you can generate a QR code with an e-mail address or with a feedback form and encourage buyers to report a breakdown of the vending machine.

Thanks to the use of QR codes, owners of vending machines can also collect feedback and wishes from customers, stay informed about whether the machine is dirty or not, share a detailed description of goods, and so on. As you can see, this is a very effective and easy-to-use tool for growing your business! It’s enough to use the QR code generator and create multifunctional QR codes with any content.

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