How to use QR codes in board games

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QR Board Games

Board games are a fun way to spend time with any group of people. Despite the great success of video games, many people love playing board games, and there is a great variety of them.

To impress your players, learn how to use a QR code generator and make QR codes. This simple tool will help make any board game interactive, unique, and exciting.


Ways of using QR codes in tabletop games

To create QR codes, you need to open a QR generator online and take a few simple steps: choose a code type, add information, adjust the design, and save the generated code. This way, you can generate various QR codes with suitable content. 

Look at popular ways to use interactive QR codes in board games.

Tabletop QR Games
QR Game Presentation

Present your games

It's great that users picked your board game. But it will be even better if they buy other tabletop games of your brand and play them. For this purpose, you should create a QR code describing one or more games that players may enjoy.

In addition to presenting new and existing releases, you can increase sales applying QR codes. The best way to do this is to generate a QR code with a discount coupon for a specific or any board game.

Create interactive worlds

Some people unfamiliar with modern board games might think this kind of leisure is boring and monotonous. In their understanding, all possible moves, design, and game principles would be boring after a single playthrough. But with QR technology, you can diversify any board game and make it interactive. 

To do this, prepare the unique content, make a QR code with a link to it, and then place the code on board game elements. It can be a video with a captivating story or a unique playlist that will be updated every week or month. In this way, your board game becomes more entertaining.

QR Game Versions
QR Game Versions

Share other game versions

Many successful board games exist not only in the traditional format. Their creators successfully venture into the virtual world, developing versions for personal computers and mobile devices. And placing a QR code on the package or board game instructions is a perfect way to announce the existence of other game versions. 

You need to make a QR code with a link to your website, App Store or Google Play, where you can download board games for any device. Place such a code on the packaging or game instructions, and you'll see how quickly the number of your application downloads will grow.

Promote your brand

Any company is interested in creating new board games and expanding its fan base. This will help you gain a foothold in the market, get constant support from loyal customers, and attract new players.

Use QR codes with fascinating content about your team. The most popular choices are the history of your company, news about game development, and so on. This is a great move for encouraging players to immerse themselves in the world of your board games.

Brand QR Promotion


With a QR code generator, you can create codes with any content, including links, presentations, plain text, images, audio files, etc. This way, you will exploit the QR technology to satisfy your players. That, in turn, will help you reach a new level of engaging and entertaining board game fans!


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