QR codes in the home construction and renovation industry

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People spend most of their time at home. Especially in recent years since many professionals have switched to remote work and worked from the comfort of their apartments. Therefore, the desire to improve their living conditions and make their personal space as comfortable as possible is natural. 

This is how the concept of home improvement was born. It implies the modernization of engineering systems, premises reconstruction, coatings repair, decorative furnishing, and many other types of work. In this “practical” industry, the QR code generator is considered an effective business development and promotion instrument.

The role of QR codes in the home improvement industry 


All construction companies should advertize their services to attract customers. Without customers, a business will quickly fade away and not generate income. Therefore, you should use modern marketing tools to maximize the reach of potential customers. The QR code for business is one of these tools. 

QR codes will help you attract the attention of prospective clients and improve communication with them. Modern users receive information mainly from their smartphones, and interactive codes are designed for scanning on mobile devices

So, it is enough for your potential client to scan the QR code to get information on construction services or apply for a consultation. It is quick and easy for the user and beneficial for the company.

QR Building Business
Advertising QR Codes

How to use QR codes in the construction and renovation business


Open the generator and generate a QR code with the desired content, for instance, a link or electronic business card. Construction companies can use different types of content depending on their needs.

Let's look at 3 popular and win-win examples for advertising a home improvement company using QR codes.

1.  QR code for a link

The most popular way to use interactive codes is to add a link to the QR code. It can be a QR code for a website, social media profile, video presentation, or product QR code. Adding the URL to a QR code will make it much easier for mobile users to access the information. Your potential customers need to scan the code to go to the desired web page.

Link QR Code
Printing QR Code

2. QR code for printing

Suppose you want to advertize your construction company in the press. In that case, the QR code generator is perfect for combining traditional and digital advertising. It will help you run successful online and offline advertising campaigns. Create codes and place them on flyers, business cards, coupons, etc. QR codes will give potential customers easy access to relevant information directly from their smartphones.

3. QR code for a PDF file

You need to make a PDF QR code to share your price list, business license, or FAQ with your audience. It is the best format for this kind of information. Add your PDF to the QR code, customize the design, and share the code on your website or in printed materials.


As you can see, you can make a QR code using a link, PDF file, presentation, or QR code for a product of your home building and remodeling company. Select helpful information for your customers and share it online and offline!

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