So why is QR code for PDF an interesting tool?

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General information about QR code for PDF

We believe that the creation and using of QR codes in all spheres of human life has become an integral part. For both business owners and ordinary users, QR codes open up new opportunities and are available.

Accessibility is expressed in the fact that:

•‎ you can generate a QR code for any social networks, for instance, Twitter, Facebook, for links to websites, etc.;

•‎ QR code can be easily scanned using a mobile device, and it will take a couple of minutes;

•‎ you can design the code as you wish, for example, change the color, add a logo, etc.;

•‎ a big plus is that you can create the code in any convenient format, such as PNG or JPG or convert PDF to QR code.

With the help of our QR code generator PDF you can easily and efficiently create a QR code and then use it to quickly exchange information.

This type of QR code is a useful solution, but if you want to learn more about how to turn a PDF into a QR code and find out our tips, read further in the article.

What do you need to find out about QR code for PDF?

Convert PDF to QR code is a way to transform a PDF document to a more convenient digital format. Scanning is as comfortable as generating code. You just need to bring your mobile device to the QR code and a PDF file will appear on the screen.

You can generate free QR code for PDF with any info, for example, some additional information, contacts, company descriptions, instructions, service lists etc. That is, any document with information that somehow relates to your activity.

In addition, you can place this QR code anywhere: leave it in digital format or print.

Convert PDF file to QR code

Where and how can you use the QR code for PDF?

Earlier we talked superficially about where you can use QR code PDF. The list is really wide: from education to product promotion. But now we will give several specific examples and cases.

A quick method to divide information. For example, to share a file, you no longer need to send it by mail or upload it to a messenger. Send the QR to PDF and it's done!

QR codes are frequently placed on product packaging. Therefore, you can encrypt a file with instructions, usage information, reviews or recommendations in the code.

QR code can be useful in education. For instance, QR code for a PDF file will replace printed documents. The teacher just needs to create the code with the necessary data, and the students, in turn, just scan it. This will save money, time and improve the efficiency of work.

You can also generate a PDF file code for a cafe or restaurant menu. When you change some items in the menu or price, you will just need to update the file in the QR code, and not reprint the entire menu.

How to create a QR code for a PDF: short instruction

Generating QR code PDF is a process in a few simple steps.

•‎ To create a QR code you need to select the type of QR code "PDF file".

•‎ Then upload the required PDF file. We’d like to draw your attention to the fact that the file must be no more than 30 MB in size.

•‎ Then generate and save the code in the format you want.

PDF to QR code free: some tips from the ME-QR team

We want to share with you a few things that will be of interest to you if you generate QR code for PDF.

•‎ If you want more people to scan your code, make it special.

•‎ Add some kind of picture, company logo or badge that matches the general theme of the QR code.

•‎ Frame the code and use the correct code size.

•‎ Decide which type you want to generate: static QR code or dynamic QR code.

•‎ And of course use service ME-QR to experience all the benefits of PDF to QR code generation.

Create PDF QR code - free
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