How to use QR codes in TV commercials and shows

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Despite the active development of Internet marketing and SMM promotion, experienced marketers are in no hurry to abandon advertising on television. Recent cases prove that TV commercials have a huge impact on the audience and still make a significant contribution to the success of marketing campaigns.

According to statistics, television advertising revenue will reach $81 billion by the end of 2025. These data directly indicate that you shouldn’t discount advertising on TV but rather combine it with an interactive marketing tool - a QR code generator.


The fusion of TV ads and QR codes

QR technology has already demonstrated its flexibility and functionality. Users can create a QR code for personal and business purposes; encode a link, video and audio files, an image, a presentation, a business card, and a restaurant menu. The list of possibilities provided by a dynamic QR code is almost endless.


Thus, the combination of this interactive tool and television advertising opens up new opportunities for advertisers. A QR code generator will help you provide better interaction with your target audience through their usual communication channel.

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The QR code on television functions similarly to other information platforms: programs and commercials show a code on the screen that any viewer can scan. It’s enough for users to point the smartphone camera at the image for scanning, and in a second the prepared content will be displayed on their gadget.


If earlier any advertisement on TV was one-sided and didn’t have feedback from the target audience, now viewers have the opportunity to actively interact with broadcasted content. Now, when you try to create a QR code and place it on the screen, you allow users to get acquainted with the encrypted information without distracting from watching the main content on television. The viewer can easily scan the code, open a link or file on their smartphone and read your advertisement.


How to use QR codes on TV

The benefits of combining TV ads and a QR code generator are clear. Pay attention to actionable tips to successfully apply QR codes in TV shows and commercials.

Important tips for working with QR codes on TV:

- add instructions on how to use the code. It’s enough to attach a piece of short information next to the code and a call to action to motivate viewers to scan the code;


- think about where to place the code. Every viewer will notice the QR code in the center of the screen but this will prevent them from watching the program. The best place is the side or bottom screen area;


- use a unique design. It’s enough to add a logo, adjust the frame, and change the color of the QR code made for a link or file to give the code a more eye-catching and conspicuous design;

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- demonstrate the code in a timely manner. No need to broadcast the QR code on the TV screen around the clock. Display it taking into account the broadcasted content at a particular time;


- choose the correct size. Let your QR code be noticeable, but don't interfere with viewing of the main TV videos and shows;


- give preference to dynamic codes. If you create a QR code of this type, then you’ll have access to setting the properties of the code and valuable statistics.


As you can see, it’s as simple as possible to generate a QR code for TV advertising. Just open the QR code generator, select the code type, and add the desired content. Then little remains to be done: place the code on the screen correctly and at the right time so that the viewers themselves will wish to scan the code.