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Blogging as a hobby or business is all about driving traffic. The more visitors to your site, the more likely you’ll achieve your goals. For example, micro-influencers seek to reach a new target audience, startups want to increase awareness, and large brands aim to make more sales.

In a word, everyone is interested in traffic growth . Therefore, to promote your blog, you should rely on QR technology and take advantage of the options provided by the QR code generator.

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How to use QR codes for blogs

Using QR technology, owners of personal brands and companies of various industries actively advertize their products and services. They can create a QR code online, encrypt any content, and provide users with free access to the information.

According to Juniper Research statistics, by the end of 2022, approximately 1 billion people will use QR codes. The simplicity, versatility, and efficiency of QR technology contribute to the growth of its popularity for commercial and non-commercial tasks.

Consider two things to make a QR code using a link to your blog. First, optimize the mobile version of your site. Since predominantly smartphone users scan the codes, consuming content on mobile-friendly sites will be much more convenient. Secondly, choose a reliable and functional QR code generator.

Next, start generating codes and use them to grow your blog. Use the following tips to successfully bring the full benefits of QR technology to your project.

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1. Add a QR code to all pages of your site

More than ⅔ Internet users read blog articles regularly. And if they like the publication, they’ll probably want to share the post with friends and acquaintances, for instance, through messengers or on social networks.

Give them this opportunity: add a QR code to each article with a link to the same page. This approach will motivate readers to share content and positively affect the growth of your blog traffic.

2. Embed QR codes in your newsletters

There’re many subtleties in email marketing: it’s crucial to create such mailings that simultaneously carry helpful information for readers and encourage them to perform the desired targeted actions. At the same time, it’s worth rationally using the body of the letter so as not to overload the reader with the content.

For that, you need to generate a QR code with a link to your blog or a specific post and add a call to action.

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3. Use QR codes for promotion on social networks

The biggest problem in many social networks is the inability to share a link. You can see this in the example of Instagram: you can’t follow the link from the publication on this platform.

But once you create a QR code linked to your blog and share it on social media, your traffic will skyrocket. A QR code is an image that is easy to post on any platform, and readers can also quickly scan it and follow the link.

4. Advertize your blog offline

The power of the QR code is its ability to combine online and offline advertising. With QR technology, you can easily promote your blog through printed materials such as business cards, flyers, brochures, etc. This is another successful step towards growing your website traffic.

Start using the QR code generator and take advantage of its features to develop your blog. This is an effective way to increase website traffic successfully, actively, and without charge.

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