Ways to use engraved QR codes

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Engraved QR Codes

Placing a QR code on printed materials or the Internet is one of many ways to bring QR technology to life. It is possible to place a QR code on wood, stone, and even metal. For this, you can apply the engraving method implying the creation of long-lasting images on items by mechanical or laser means.Engraving with a QR code can be done on any material and used unlimited times. Opting for a dynamic code is important before you generate the QR code so that you can edit its options if necessary. Then you can change the code type and its content without redoing the engraving on a new surface.

5 ideas for QR code etching

An interactive code can contain a variety of content. An engraved QR code with logo is one of the most widepspread ones and it allows you to place your company’s logo on souvenirs. However, there are more ideas on how to make a QR code for free using engraving technology. Consider 5 unique ideas for using an interactive QR code in the form of engraving.

QR code for Wi-Fi

Your users will appreciate the easy access to the Internet by quick code scanning. This option eliminates the need to manually enter data to connect Wi-Fi and possible difficulties when connecting, like choosing a network from the list of available ones, entering a password, etc. Therefore, a laser-engraved QR code for Wi-Fi is always in demand.

QR for Wi-Fi
Social Media QR

QR code for social networks

You can gain new followers and grow your business if you make a QR code using a link to your company's social media account. Such codes can contain one link (per account) or a mini-landing with links to all available social media accounts so that users can choose the platform they are interested in to interact with your brand.

QR code for a business card

A business card is essential when exchanging contacts with potential partners or customers. A vCard is a more modern version of regular cards and is more convenient. Create a QR code with your contact details and engrave it on a suitable surface. Such a distinctive business card is guaranteed to draw attention to your person.

vCard QR Code
QR for Files

QR code for files

QR technology is ideal for making file sharing easier. You need to add your presentation, video, picture, or other content to the code and then engrave the image on the selected item. A metal engraved QR code is best: on this material, you can make the boundaries as clear as possible and eliminate scanning errors.

QR code for a link

An interactive code with a link is the most popular type of QR codes. You can encode any content: a YouTube video, Instagram profile, PowerPoint presentation, Google Forms survey, etc. You can share any links and redirect users to the desired web resources thanks to the QR code engraved on a specific surface.

Link QR Code

To get a laser-etched QR code or a code engraved mechanically, you should begin with creating it. To do this, use the QR code generator: upload your content, then customize and download the code. The resulting image will be a template for the further work of the engraving master. Then you can use the engraved QR code according to your objectives!

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