QR code creation for a presentation: step-by-step instructions


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You can have many reasons to create a QR code for a presentation. The most common of these cover educational, personal, and business goals. Regardless of your answer, it’s possible to do this quickly and without much effort.

Instructions on how to create a QR code for a presentation

First of all, open the ME-QR generator. You can generate and download codes without creating a personal account. But to access more advanced options of the service, you should spend one minute for a simple registration. In this case, valuable functions will be available to you, namely:

Create QR Code


- access to your admin panel where all previously generated QR codes are stored;

- creating, changing, and deleting a password for a QR code;

- ability to change the domain of the QR code;

- access to the statistics of scans, and so on.

Step #1. Choose the QR code type


Using the ME-QR QR code generator you have the option to generate a QR code for a presentation in several formats. Most often, users choose the standard format in Microsoft Office PowerPoint (PPTX), less often - a file in the open cross-platform file format (PDF). Select the desired file type from the list available on the code generation page.


Important! The maximum size of an uploaded file in PPTX or PDF format is up to 30 MB.

PowerPoint QR Code
QR Code Category

Step #2. Choose the right content category

When you create a new QR code, you choose the category that describes its content best. The list of available options includes: education, music and audio, art, pop culture, medicine, business and finance, career, animals, and many other options.

Select the category of your choice. This will only benefit your code and won’t degrade its quality and scanning success in any way.


Step #3. Add your content


To create a QR code for a presentation, you need to upload the corresponding file to the ME-QR server. To do this, click the “Upload File” button and select a presentation on your computer in the window that pops up.

The “Do not index” slider is below this button. Enable this option if you don’t want information about your file and content to be received by search engines.


Generate QR Content
QR Presentation Design

Step #4. Customize QR code features


If you want to make your QR code for presentation more eye-catching, then customize its design. The QR code generator allows you to:

– apply a frame from the offered ones;

– add a call to action;

– change the background color and transparency, and the code color and style;

– choose a logo (your own or one of the existing ones for popular social networks).

Step #5. Share your code


Once you’ve clicked the "Generate QR Code" button, it’ll be saved in your library (if you’re a registered user). Now you can save it to your device. PNG and SVG formats are available for download.

Next, you just need to print and place the QR code on appropriate surfaces. Choose your placements carefully so that your target audience can easily scan the code and access the encrypted information.

Place QR Code
Edit QR Presentation

Step #6. Edit the QR code (optionally)


Perhaps in the future, you’ll want to replace the presentation in your QR code or change the current code type to another one. This option is available free of charge for registered ME-QR users.

It’s also highly recommended to do a scan test. This will ensure that your code redirects the user to your presentation and renders the content correctly. If any error is found, you, as a registered user, have the opportunity to edit the content of the code and update its features without changing the scanned image.

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