Audio QR code

An Audio QR code is an audio file converted into a code format. After scanning the code, the file opens on the page and is ready to be played directly, i.e. without any additional applications.

How to convert Audio into QR?

  • 1

    Select the Audio QR code type;

  • 2

    Upload your file;

  • 3

    Click Customize & Download QR;

  • 4

    Create your own code design and click Download QR Code.

Examples of use:
Exhibition, Gallery. Place a code with an audio file near the exhibit and visitors can listen to additional information about it.
Publicity and promotion of an album, song or artist. This way you can showcase a snippet of a song or single.


The maximum size of an audio file is 30MB.

Available for upload: m4a, .flac, .mp3, .mp4, .wav, .wma, .acc