ID pet collars with QR codes

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QR Pet Collars

QR technology is widely used in many spheres - from extensive advertising campaigns to niche businesses. For example, a new trend is an option to create QR codes for pet accessories. Codes on pet tags ensure the comfort and safety of pets.

How a dynamic QR code for pets work

QR for Pets

QR codes for pets are interactive passports used for easy identification. QR tags are practical and efficient, allowing owners to find their pets quickly. 

Interactive ID capacity is the essential feature of a pet QR code tag. The tag can hold more data than an ordinary engraved tag. You can encrypt an audio message, text, link, business card, or PDF to a QR code - anything to help a passerby find you quickly and effortlessly. 

Anyone who scans your QR code can access the encrypted information. Additionally, you will get a notification about your pet's location and head straight to the address. You can track QR code scans with dynamic QR codes, as they provide access to scans analytics.

You also have the option to add pet health and special needs information. This will ensure better care for your pet while you are on your way to pick them up.

3 examples of how you can use a pet QR code 

Anyone can learn the necessary information about your four-legged friend, and they can do it by scanning the QR code with their smartphone. You need to generate a QR code for the tag.

Let’s look at the 3 best ways to use pet tags with QR codes made with the QR code generator.

vCard QR Code

vCard QR code 

An electronic business card encrypted in a QR code is a simple and convenient solution. Add all the necessary information to the code, like your name, address, number, email, or links to your social media accounts. A person would scan the QR code dog tag and choose the best way to find you.

URL QR code 

Make a QR code with a link to your social media page or your pet's profile if they have one. Such code on your pet's QR code tag will take people to the right web resource to find out about the pet's needs and get your contact details.


PDF QR code 

If you need to share a lot of information about your four-legged friend, a QR code with a PDF file is a better option. It holds much more information and would be handy if your pet has particular habits or needs special care.

Remember that static QR codes are more limited and significantly inferior to dynamic codes. So, create functional codes for ID tags with our QR code generator. It is an excellent way to ensure the safety of your four-legged friends and take care of them!

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