How QR codes in a taxi increase passengers' safety and comfort

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QR technology is used in many areas of life. You can already pay for public transport, apply to government agencies, and look through a restaurant's menu via a QR code. There are many examples, and today we will focus on interactive codes in cabs.

Advantages of QR codes and the QR code generator for a taxi

Modern QR codes are easy to use, can be scanned quickly and easily, and hold more information than traditional printing. They are used to simplify access to the necessary information or to make contactless payments.

It means the QR code for a cab has great potential. Today both car drivers and passengers enjoy significant advantages of the QR code for vehicles:

  • easy payment. Cab passengers can make cashless payments via QR codes as an excellent alternative to paying in cash. They need to scan the code and confirm the payment using their smartphone;
  • safe rides. Sometimes a driver behaves strangely during the ride or takes a suspicious route. Some cities decided to generate QR codes and place them in cabs to prevent potential dangers. For instance, when such a code is scanned in India, the police get alerted;
Taxi QR Advantages
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  • checking the driver's license. Police officers and passengers can check whether the cab driver has a valid driving license or not. Drivers need to create a QR code with their data beforehand or use the code issued by the state organization where they received their license;
  • fighting COVID-19. Although many people have adapted to life in the global pandemic, staying safe is still essential. Integrating a modern QR code for cars helps keep social distance, lessens interaction with other people, makes sharing PCR test results more effortless, and so on.

Both drivers and passengers can take advantage of the listed benefits. Learn how to create a QR code for a cab and use it based on the experience of the world's biggest cities.

1. QR codes for Mumbai cabs

Safety is the main reason for implementing interactive codes in Mumbai cabs. Passengers can supervise the route, driving quality, and safety of their belongings and notify state services about any violations. The taxi QR code in Mumbai is mandatory: vehicles lose their license without them and cannot refuel at gas stations.

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2. QR codes for New York City cabs

The first year of the COVID-19 pandemic led to a business slowdown and declined demand for cabs in New York City. Gradually people returned to cab services, and local companies started implementing QR codes to help drivers interact with their clients. As a result, QR code taxis received more orders from passengers.

3. QR codes for London cabs

Everyone in London is used to interactive codes. One of the additional reasons for placing QR codes in London cabs is interactive advertising. Passengers can get interested in advertisements and learn more about them from the QR code using their smartphones during the ride.

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Create a QR code for a vehicle with ease. You only need to open the QR code generator, add the content you want, and save your code. Use the experience of New York, London, and Mumbai to improve cab services in your city!

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