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Nowadays, there is no need to explain what a PCR test is and why it’s needed. The global pandemic touched the lives of all people except perhaps the inhabitants of remote tribes in Oceania. You may wonder what it all has to do with a QR code. And the answer is to make your life easier.
Let's figure out why you should use a QR generator for PCR coronavirus tests. And if you want to learn how to generate a QR code for PCR instantly, check out this short video.

How a PCR test and QR code are related

Wherever you go during the global quarantine - abroad or to a local event - you may need to provide a PCR coronavirus test. The test confirms that at the moment you are healthy and won’t infect other people in contact with you. This is one of the mandatory requirements for crossing state borders and attending public events.
For instance, tourist trips to resorts in the most popular destinations are allowed only upon providing a current PCR test for COVID-19. All tourists must have a document confirming that they aren’t infected. This requirement has come into force for those wishing to visit most countries, including Turkey, Egypt, etc.
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Another example is that in some countries it’s necessary to take a test before visiting museums, restaurants, and even grocery stores. Residents and tourists in France, Germany, and other countries plan their leisure time with a PCR test QR code in their phone or printed versions of the test results in their pocket. There is no point in leaving the house without them.
Thus, you can print test results and take them everywhere with you or you can bypass the paperwork and use the digital version of the test. An electronic document has the same legal force and is in no way inferior to a paper one; on the contrary, it makes things easy.

How the QR code PCR test works

QR technology gives us the freedom to do more. You can upload any document, image, video, audio, and other files, and then get a unique QR code for personal use. The scanner on the phone instantly scans the code and redirects the user to the specified link. Just a couple of clicks and the necessary content in the electronic version is before eyes.
Spend one minute to create a QR certificate and you’ll always have the coronavirus test results on your smartphone. With the ME-QR service, you can generate a QR code yourself using the screenshot of your paper document.

To create a QR code for PDF for free, you need:

  • open the ME-QR QR code generator;
  • select the desired type of the QR code for the PCR test;
  • upload your test results (note that the maximum file size is 30 MB);
  • click on the button below and generate your unique QR code;
  • optionally you can customize the code by changing the design, color, and code frame.
That's it, use your PCR test online! As you can see, it takes less than one minute to make a code for a PDF file or image using our QR generator. Then you can make settings and organize everything in the list of your QR codes in your personal account.
The PCR test with the QR code is a practical and even indispensable tool for everyone during the pandemic. All you need to do is to upload a screenshot of your document, select its expiration date, and generate a code. Now you can show the PCR test results on your mobile screen anywhere they are required.
If you want to try it - take advantage of the ME-QR service and create your own QR test code for free!
Generate PCR QR
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