The role of QR code frames and tips on how to use them


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QR Code Frames

QR technology is in great demand in various business segments, charitable organizations, government circles, etc. But the very existence of a QR code on a web banner, surface, or object does not guarantee people will scan it. The effectiveness of an interactive code depends on many factors. 

You are responsible for the QR code's content, design, and placement. It's not enough to create a QR code. You need to motivate users to scan it: attract attention, explain the importance of the encrypted content, and give tips on how to scan the code. A QR code frame could be an additional incentive.

The QR code frame importance


The QR code frame is an additional setting that draws users' attention. A catchy color frame and short message help users understand how and why they should scan your code. 

With ME-QR service, users can generate a QR code and add a frame of their choice, with or without a call to action (CTA). It all depends on your marketing strategy and the code’s placement. 

QR Frame Settings

After you pick the QR code type and upload content, click "Stylize and download QR" button to design CTA elements. On this page, you can:

– choose your favorite frame from the available templates;

– pick a suitable frame color;

– add a CTA text;

– change the font and color of the call to action text.

If satisfied with the finished code, click "Download QR code" button and save it in a suitable format (PNG or SVG). If you wish, edit its content or design.

How to use a QR code frame

You must design every code properly so the QR scanner can scan it. Be sure to consider the essential tips when working with a QR code generator. Otherwise, your marketing strategy will not be effective enough to achieve your goals.

Here are some examples of how you can use QR code frames. Follow these tips, and increase users' interest and engagement in your promotional campaigns with interactive codes. 

QR Code Generator
QR Reviews

1. Collect feedback

Customers are often reluctant to comment on the products or services they've purchased because they don't want to spend time describing their impressions. But motivating them is easy: you need to generate a QR code and add a frame with a simple request, for example, "Rate us". The simplicity of the process and the call to action will do the trick.

2. Promote your social media accounts

Social media is a promising channel for expanding your target audience, regardless of your business and product type. That's why you must have a business presence on social media. You can create QR codes with links to your accounts. Make a separate code for each social network, with a frame in the brand colors (for instance, red for YouTube, blue for Facebook, etc.)

SMM QR Promotion
QR Code Discounts

3. Offer discounts

Discounts and special offers are the strongest motivation for people to purchase. If you make a QR code online with a coupon, you'll be able to attract a lot of attention from your target audience. Customize the code by adding a frame with the comment "Scan to get a discount" to make it even more effective. 

A QR code frame is a powerful promotion tool. Add original frames and calls to action to motivate users to scan your codes!

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