QR codes in the construction business: how to get more clients

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Home improvement, repair, and renovation companies face stiff competition in the industry. They have to constantly improve the quality of service, invest in technical equipment, recruit qualified employees, and at the same time improve their marketing strategy to attract new customers and retain regular ones.
Due to the widespread use of modern technologies, any business is now obliged to be present online - have an active account on social networks, develop a website for better interaction with customers, and constantly update the online catalog. Today there is another effective way to increase the audience reach - to create a QR code. The code can contain different content: from a price list to a professional video about a company. ME-QR helps you achieve your business goals with just one tool - the QR code generator.
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Why does a company need a QR code?

There is no denying that today is the mobile technology era. Most potential customers use smartphones to find and use the content they need. This is where a QR code generator is of service: it allows you to easily reach and connect with a large target audience online.
The benefits of QR technology for home renovation and maintenance companies are obvious:
•‎ ease of use. Potential clients just need to scan the company's QR code via smartphone or QR scanner and they immediately see the content that you’ve prepared for them;
•‎ flexibility. QR codes provide modern solutions for improving the marketing efficiency of any business without exception;
QR code benefits
•‎ affordability. QR technology takes almost no time and money. Everything can be done very quickly and easily if you choose a proven QR code generator;
•‎ functionality. You’ll be able to not only create numerous QR codes but also access the analytics for each individual code and QR scanner.
Thus, creating a QR code online is an effective way to promote home renovation and maintenance business. QR technology is efficient, affordable, and free of cost, so it deserves your attention.
Maybe your company needs a business card, PowerPoint presentation of services, or just a link to a PDF price list. Why not to try generating some type of QR code right now?
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There are a few steps to follow to generate a QR code:

QR code Step1
Open the ME-QR generator and select the desired type of QR code from the list (for example, PDF file, JPG, link, VCard, etc.);
QR code Step2
Select the desired category of QR content from the list;
QR code Step3
Fill in all fields (for example, the company’s name, phone number, website address, etc.);
QR code Step4
click the “Generate QR code” button.

A QR code is capable to:

By following this instruction, you can convert many other types of information into a QR code. Whether it’ll be a building passport, map of the area where your company provides service, architectural drawing of future layout, or any other type of content, you need to take the same actions to create a QR code. Just use the ME-QR service and everything will be ready in a couple of minutes.
Discover great ideas for using QR technology to advertise home repair and maintenance business:
•‎ create a dynamic QR code with a link to the site. You'll be able to increase the traffic and hence promote the company's awareness. In the future, you can change or edit the QR code content anytime with no need to print the code again;
QR codes use
•‎ use a QR code in advertising printing. It’s impossible to put all the necessary information about your business on a small promotional brochure, but a QR code will allow you to redirect a client to your website or social networks for further interaction with your company;
•‎ apply the QR code for quick communication. You can make a QR code for a phone number, WhatsApp group or social networks messengers. This will make it much easier for potential customers to contact you.
A QR code is more than a marketing tool. You’ll be able to not only attract more attention to your company and increase the target audience coverage but also get valuable analytics on the amount of scanning. Now is the time to use QR codes in your home renovation and maintenance business to reach greater heights!
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