Benefits of using Telegram QR-code

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Telegram QR

Nowadays Telegram is one of the most popular apps in the world. Millions of people all over the world are using Telegram for messaging and calling (voice and video). The app is fast, simple, and free. You have an opportunity to use Telegram on different devices at the same time, which is really convenient.

With Telegram you can:

Send messages;

Send files of any type (doc, zip, mp3, etc);

Create groups or channels for broadcasting.

It means that you can use Telegram not only for personal messaging but also for your work and business needs. In these cases, QR-code for Telegram is really useful.

Share Telegram with QR

You can create QR-code Telegram on our site (also you can create QR-codes for Whatsapp and Linkedin here). The service is free, but after scanning, we will show ads (Google Ads). Also, you can buy a premium account to remove ads. We provide you with the ability to generate a dynamic QR-code. This option allows you to edit your QR-code and track the scanning of the QR-code.

QR-code helps other users to find you quicker or to share information faster. Telegram allows you to create groups and channels. There are few differences between them. Groups are ideal for small teams. It`s easy to create a group and share stuff or work tasks there, discuss questions.

Telegram groups and channels

Channels help to share information with large audiences, they can have an unlimited number of subscribers. Both channels and groups are used for business. For example, shops have groups, where they present their goods. Creative professionals with help of channels can inform people about new releases.

The importance of digital channels is becoming more evident and QR-codes are one of the most flexible and creative tools to accelerate digital marketing. Your small business can securely communicate with customers. For these needs, you can create QR-code for messenger.

QR for channel

So, benefits of using QR-code for Telegram channel and QR-code Telegram group:

• QR-code is an ideal way to spread the group or channel more widely and reach more people;

• You can now invite users using a QR code, which can make it easier to attract attendees when you meet people face to face;

•‎ QR-codes manage to attract more members to Telegram groups or channels as they draw attention and make them easier to access;

•‎ They are effective in improving the user experience through the app;

•‎ QR-codes are increasing the number of subscribers, as they offer more ease when logging into the messaging app;

•‎ QR-codes are also important for getting viral for a certain group or channel through other media.

QR code benefits

How to generate a QR code for Telegram: a quick guide

If you have previously generated any other codes, then you know for sure that this is a very quick procedure. Likewise, generating a QR code for Telegram will take only a couple of minutes. But in the future, it will save a lot of time when using Telegram.

QR for social media

How to get a link to create a Telegram QR code?

Open the Telegram channel, the link of which you want to receive. Click on the name and click «Add Member»: you will see a list of contacts. Click «Invite to group by link».

Copy the link and use it to generate the code. If you want to get a link for a public channel, go to Telegram and copy the link at the top of the screen.

Telegram QR creation

So how do you create a Telegram QR code?

1. To do this, you need to insert a link to the Telegram channel to our QR code generator.

2. Then work on the look of the code. Add a border, change the color, or place the logo in the center. This will make the code more popular with users.

3. Choose the format in which you want to save the code: SVG or PNG.

To edit your QR code, go to the settings and make the necessary changes. Check if your code is working correctly. Scan it yourself first. For this you can use our QR code scanner.

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