QR code function in marketing automation

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QR Marketing
If you want to simplify workflows and increase your marketing team’s productivity, then you need to choose the right strategy and optimize work. Here it’s worth paying tribute to the automation tools that will help in achieving the set goals. Find out what function QR codes can play in the automation of your marketing.

QR code generator and marketing automation

Marketing automation involves a wide range of actions that are aimed at a single goal - to achieve maximum efficiency. It includes the optimization of work within the team to increase efficiency and improve interaction with your target audience.

From the business point of view, we’re talking about increasing the number of sales with minimal financial and time costs. It’s also important to facilitate the work of employees to direct all their creativity and effort to important tasks. Special programs and services can perform repetitive actions without the direct participation of employees.
QR Code Generator
QR Technology
If you use a QR code generator, you have a powerful tool in your hands that will help optimize and automate your marketing. Interactive QR codes have successfully entered the marketing strategies of companies over the past few years, and in some cases have allowed them to reach totally new levels. QR technology is especially effective in improving interaction with the audience.

To create a QR code means giving users easy and quick access to the information they need. The code can contain anything: a link to any website, an image, a PDF document, an audio file, a business card, a presentation, a restaurant menu, and so on. The users don't need to download anything or manually search the Internet to get acquainted with the content. They only need to scan the QR code through a QR scanner or smartphone camera and that's it.

How QR codes help in marketing automation

To get the full benefits of QR codes, you need to incorporate them into your marketing strategy. To do this, you should find a way to integrate QR technology into each marketing direction according to the set goals. Consider popular examples:
QR Review
- Review gathering. Using the QR code meant for collecting feedback, you can motivate customers to share their opinion about your service. After scanning such a QR code, your clients can quickly and easily write a review through their smartphone.
Email QR
– Email marketing. Business, personal, and advertising mailing and newsletters demonstrate high efficiency among modern users. Try to implement the QR code that redirects to a discount coupon to encourage potential buyers to make a purchase;

QR Lead
- Lead generation. This tactic of finding certain customers will allow you to develop a base of new loyal customers. Create a QR code online with a survey and encourage clients to complete it by offering them a discount. As a condition for participation, ask them for their contact details;
QR Nutrition
- Lead nurturing. This is a popular strategy for developing interaction with the target audience and increasing their loyalty to your brand. You can create a password-protected QR code to give access to exclusive content to a limited number of people;
QR for SMM

- SMM marketing. Social networks are known for the highest activity of the audience, so it’s important for any business to generate a QR code with the necessary content to publish it on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms. For example, create a QR code that redirects to an app in the App Store or Play Market and post it on your social media profiles to motivate subscribers to install your app;

Thanks to the ME-QR service, you can take full advantage of QR technology. All of our QR codes are dynamic, which means you can edit them without having to repost the code itself as well as track real-time statistics instantly.

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