How to make amusement parks more popular using QR codes

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Visiting amusement parks is an excellent leisure-time activity for the whole family. Zoos, amusement parks, etc., are among the most popular outdoor activities. To improve the customer experience, entertainment business owners actively use QR code generator options.

The value of QR codes in amusement parks

Many zoos and amusement parks around the world use QR technology. That’s because an interactive QR code is a functional and reliable tool that doesn't require a serious investment.

If you create QR codes for guests, you can draw their attention to important information. It can be an attraction advertisement, an invitation to a nearby cafe , a route description, etc. Users will point the smartphone camera at the image to scan it, and the content will instantly appear on the screen.

With the QR code generator, you interact with different target audiences, and both adults and children can scan your codes. This makes the QR technology perfectly suitable for use at entertainment parks.

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4 ideas on how to create a QR code for an amusement park

QR codes help elevate your customer service to a new level. The importance of fulfilling visitors' expectations for zoos and amusement parks is indisputable - it ensures people will revisit your establishment and share their positive experiences with others.

You can effectively use QR technology in your business. Here are four universal examples of QR code use in amusement parks.

#1. Cut the queues

Until recently, you needed a printed ticket to visit a theme park. You had to stand in line to buy it and then wait in another queue at the entrance. To not cause inconveniences to your clients, you need to use QR technology. For example, create a QR code to streamline your sales process. Your park guests can scan the code and buy tickets from their smartphones without visiting the ticket office.

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Another option for using QR technology is in conjunction with an electronic verification system. When entering your establishment, the client shows a personal QR code; the employee scans it and checks whether it displays up-to-date information about the guest. Thus, you can sell tickets online and easily validate them at the entrance using QR codes.

#2. Plan the routes

It's easy to get lost in amusement parks, especially for children. Among many attractions and cafés, it is hard to find the very place you planned to visit or where you agreed to meet with friends.

A QR map with all the attractions on the territory will help. You can create a QR code with the amusement park map and place it on all suitable surfaces.

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#3. Show attractions in action

It's almost impossible to guess from looking at a ride whether you'll enjoy it or not. The best way to decide is to watch a video of the ride.

Prepare a video you want to show your visitors, and generate a QR code with it. You can also make a QR code with a link to YouTube or another video hosting service.

#4. Share useful information

Many zoos have hundreds of varieties of animals and locations. To get the most out of your visit, you should follow the guide's comments or read the signs on the cages.

A modern way to get information is to scan a QR code , and get acquainted with a text description, video or podcast. Using the QR code generator, you can create codes with informative content.

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Thus, QR codes make regular paper tickets more functional and can even completely replace them. It's convenient and presentable!

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