Secrets of using QR codes in the oil industry

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The crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the oil and gas industry. The market was flooded with an excessive supply and a sharp drop in demand. But companies in this industry began to restore their position gradually. The QR technology and the multifunctional QR code generator have significantly contributed to support the oil industry.

Reasons to create a QR code for an oil company

QR technology was patented in Japan back in the 1990s but its popularity peaked during the first waves of the global pandemic in 2020. Companies in the oil industry were not the first to want to create QR codes, and this tool was in demand by the service sector at first.

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Observing the inherent advantages of a QR code generator, oil and gas operators began to use QR technology in two directions at once: to increase the success of marketing campaigns and to carry out various internal operations.

These are the most popular reasons to use QR technology in the oil and gas business. Let's consider in detail why QR codes are needed in each individual case.

QR codes for advertising in the oil industry

Like any other business, oil and gas companies need effective advertising for their products. If you create a QR code, you can:

  • increase brand awareness. Active promotion on the Internet will help reach a huge target audience interested in your products and services. The QR code can be the very tool that will bring together online and offline advertising;
  • promote your website on the Internet. In the modern world, a corporate website is a business card of a company, which emphasizes its reliability for cooperation. Therefore, try to make a QR code using a link to your official website to increase traffic;
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  • distribute contact information. A QR code with an electronic business card is a modern alternative to paper business cards. Using vCard, users only need to scan the code, and all contact information will be instantly displayed on their screen;
  • increase the number of subscribers on social networks. Brand recognition in popular networks (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and on professional platforms has a positive effect on the number of deals and the income of oil and gas companies. Therefore, you should create a QR code that will redirect users to your social network account;
  • build brand credibility. The distribution of QR codes with audio and video files significantly adds to the improvement of the company's image. Such content is highly valued by users for being informative and expert;
  • increase the popularity of your mobile application. Proprietary software improves the user experience and emphasizes the professionalism of the company. To do this, create a QR code with a link to your app in the App Store or Google Play.

QR codes can simplify work within oil and gas companies

QR technology is great for the day-to-day work tasks of your team members. Simply generate a QR code for the following tasks:

  • work distribution in a team;
  • file sharing between employees;
  • carrying out standard operations;
  • control over assets and goods and materials;
  • gathering of complaints and wishes.

As you can see, the use of dynamic QR codes brings many benefits to oil and gas companies. Moreover, it’s easy to edit such codes, change their properties, and track valuable statistics.

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Here is a short guide on how to make a QR code for free for an oil and gas company:

  • open the QR code generator;
  • select the content type;
  • fill in the required fields;
  • generate and download the code.

That’s it! Now all you have to do is print the QR code or distribute the image for scanning.

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