How to create QR codes for audio files

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Audio QR Code
The use of QR codes for links, documents, plain texts, and other content has become commonplace. The modern QR code generator is multifunctional and it doesn’t limit you in creating and distributing content. Thanks to its advanced features and simple settings, various QR code formats are available, including the ones for audio files

Benefits of QR codes for audio files

Audio content is a huge segment of content. It includes music, podcasts, audiobooks, voice messages, and way more. This way of presenting information is just ideal for an audile whose mental imagery consists of sounds. So it comes as no surprise that podcast creators, audiobook authors, DJs, artists, etc. need new ways to distribute content to be truly heard. This is where QR code technology comes into play.

Simple multimedia content distribution
The audio recording can’t be “transmitted” on printed advertising media, but it’s easy to encode it in a modern QR code
High economic efficiency
The QR technology application reduces the need for companies to use expensive means to promote music, podcasts, and audiobooks
Informative statistics
A dynamic QR code allows you to track the number of scans, type of used devices, location of users, and other valuable information that will help improve your marketing strategy in the future
Optimization for mobile devices
According to statistics, almost half of the world's population will use smartphones for everyday needs by the end of 2021, which means that the use of QR codes will perfectly fit into their lifestyle.

The QR code linked to MP3 is the first thing that comes to mind when the talk turns to audio content. But you have the option to create a QR code for audio files in a wide range of formats. Use the ME-QR QR code generator to expand your possibilities in converting different types of audio files, whatever your purpose

Audio QR Examples

Examples of using QR codes for audio content:

  • - students can exchange lecture notes or other valuable sources of information with each other;

  • - for educational institutions, this is a convenient way to distribute educational material that will be available to everyone, including distance learning students;

  • - in the resort business, QR codes linked to audio recordings will help tourists find and learn more about the sights without the help of a tour guide;

  • - organizers of concerts, parties, and other events can include QR codes linked to music in their advertising campaigns to create a suitable atmosphere

How to make a QR code for free using ME-QR service

Users just need to scan the QR code to listen to an audio file.

Upload the audio file to our service and generate a QR code
After scanning the code, your listeners can immediately listen to the audio content without the need to use a music service or app. Our QR code generator allows you to download files in MP3, M4A, FLAC, MP4, WAV, WMA, and ACC formats up to 30 Mb;

Make a QR code using a link
This code has an encrypted link to an application or platform for listening to music. To create such a QR code, you must select the "Link" content type and write the address for a playlist, track, podcast, or any other audio recording in the appropriate field.

If you’re going to use audio content for personal or business purposes, then you should try QR codes with a catchy design. Thanks to them, you can significantly improve your content strategy and attract more attention of your target audience to your podcasts, playlists, books, and other audio files.

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