Advantages of using QR codes on name tags and stationery

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Stationery QR Codes
QR technology has the power to connect traditional marketing and online advertising. Using technology, you can create more effective advertising campaigns and achieve your marketing goals without additional investments. You can create a QR code for any surface or item, including stationery.

Purpose of QR codes on stationery

Stationery is a large group of writing implements used daily, including pens, paper, envelopes, postcards, notepads, calendars, name tags, etc.

You can place QR codes on stationery for different purposes. QR codes on stationery can also contain additional information, such as contacts, tips, and so on. Often companies use stationery as a form of native advertising or as a small gift for a client.

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Such souvenirs will be useful for their direct purpose and as unobtrusive advertising of your brand. Every organizer or envelope with your logo will remind clients about your company and form positive associations with it. Here is just a short list of organizations that should create QR codes for stationery:

Financial QR Codes

financial and insurance organizations

Medical QR Codes

medical institutions

Real Estate QR

real estate agencies

Entertainment QR

entertainment centers

QR Events

events companies

Ideas for using QR codes on stationery

You can add a QR code to any stationery item. To do so, you need to use a QR generator to create a code, then save it and transfer the image for scanning to the selected item. Here are several examples of successful QR code applications on stationery.

QR on Stationery
Name Tags QR

QR codes on name tags

A name tag is an essential attribute of conferences, concerts, festivals, etc. By placing a QR code on it, you significantly expand its functionality.

For instance, name tags with QR codes can be used as elements of the access control system at the event, as a quick way to exchange contacts while making new acquaintances, and for many other purposes. For this, you need to use a QR code generator and choose dynamic codes.

QR codes on filing systems

Although electronic filing has become the preferred method for businesses, stationery for maintaining the archive is still in demand. These include organizers, folders, boxes, and filing systems that are installed in office filing cabinets and archives.

Branded QR codes on them will attract attention and act as a reminder of your company. The size of the filing systems makes designing and setting up codes quite easy.

QR Filing System
Writing Utensils QR

QR codes on writing utensils

The list of the most necessary stationery for the office includes writing materials: pens, markers, pencils, and text highlighters. These items are the best option to put QR codes on to increase brand awareness.

However, if you create QR codes for writing utensils, pay attention to the size of the generated code. It should be compact enough to be placed on a pen or pencil but large enough for the scanner to scan it without errors.

You can also put such codes on paper packaging, souvenirs, notepads, and other related products. They can contain completely different information: your company's business card, a price list in PDF format, a presentation of new products, a link to your website, etc.

So try to generate QR codes and place them on any stationery. This will help you achieve your goals with minimal effort!
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