Rules of rational placement of QR codes on store windows and showcases

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QR Window Dressing

QR technology has successfully entered modern marketing. Large international companies and startups known only in narrow circles use this tool. You can see dynamic QR codes on advertising posters, utility bills, official websites of government organizations, product packaging, etc.

Thus, marketers are focused on taking full advantage of the QR code generator to achieve their goals. One way to get things done is to create and place codes directly on display windows and showcases.

Showcases QR Codes

The role of the QR code generator in window dressing

Store Window QR

Despite the rapid digitalization and promotion of brands on the Internet, offline advertising remains an effective method of attracting the target audience for many companies. Many buyers are used to and continue to make purchases in physical stores, and the design and decoration of display windows, signs, and showcases play an essential role.

The buyers are interested in getting information about a product or service without visiting the store. They want to understand whether the store has what they need by looking at the display window. A QR code acts as a source of information.

How to make a free QR code for a storefront

Users around the world are actively scanning QR codes. Thus, they can access the content they need with a couple of clicks. As you can see, there’re many reasons for businesses to create QR codes online and for people to use them for their purpose. Therefore, feel free to apply this interactive tool to achieve your marketing goals.

Free QR Code
QR Code Design

To achieve the desired results, pay attention to the valuable expert advice on the use of QR codes:

- create QR codes of dynamic type. Start to use the QR code generator that allows you to create dynamic codes. You’ll be able to edit the content of these QR codes and receive up-to-date scan statistics;

- share valuable content. Your users don’t want spam and obsessive advertising. They scan QR codes to get current offers, participate in promotions, save your contacts, etc. Therefore, share only the content that is in demand among potential buyers;

- choose a suitable place for the code. It’s best to place it on the right side at the store entrance or the central showcase. In most cases, a person pays attention precisely to objects located to their right;

- explain to users how to scan the QR code. You need to add meaningful instructions to the code. 2-3 sentences are enough to help people quickly understand and learn how to scan QR codes;

- use the unique code design. You can customize your QR code in settings. To do this, add your logo to the code, select an attractive code style, attach a frame, and choose other design elements to fit your corporate style;

- do a scan test. After creating the code, scan it with any scanner or smartphone camera. If you find any errors, edit the code.


QR Code Generator

With a functional QR code generator, you only need to follow the step-by-step instructions and take a few minutes to create a QR code online. Select the type of code and encrypt the desired content, for example, a link, an image, a video, etc. Now you can place the code on storefronts and actively attract buyers!

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