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Advertising stands, table tents, holders, information racks, and other table structures are standard marketing tools for many businesses. These items are used directly at locations to enhance advertising effectiveness and increase sales of goods and services. Try combining such POS materials with a QR code generator to maximize their effect.

How to combine QR technology and POS materials

The most popular table advertising structures are a menu holder, price list rack, and stand with special offers. They are often made of cardboard and can stand independently on horizontal surfaces.

Such structures attract the attention of the visitors as it is. And if you create a QR code, these structures will become multifunctional advertising material that helps increase brand awareness and business revenues.

Here are some practical ways to make a QR code for free for various businesses.

POS Materials QR
Restaurant QR Menu


With takeaway services’ growing popularity, restaurants and cafés allow customers to order from wherever they are. The easiest option is to scan the QR code on the table tent and browse the menu via smartphone

Another good example is dividing the café menu into sections based on your guests' preferences. Frequently requested options are dishes for vegetarians, children, and people with allergies. Create categories with images and make a QR code with a link to the corresponding landing page for each section.

Insurance companies

In insurance, the company's reputation means a lot. Potential customers want to be confident in their choice when picking the insurance agent. That’s why they read the reviews previous clients leave.

Use a QR code generator to make codes with reviews for table tents in your office. Such informative advertising stands will help you develop a strategy for dealing with objections at the initial stage.

QR Table Tents
Shopping QR Codes


Various stores want to be in touch with their target audience. That’s why online communication is as vital as offline interaction.

You can make a QR code with a link to the brand's social media profile and place it on the advertising materials. It will perfectly complement the description of special offers, current deals, etc.

Event agencies

There is not much space for information on advertising holders. The usual format of a table structure implies placing a few images and lines of text, no more. Generate a QR code to include more information.

Valuable advice: choose dynamic QR codes for POS materials. Unlike static codes, such codes can be edited. Plus, they provide you with scanning statistics .

Event QR Information

Practice shows that you can significantly improve the quality of promotion campaigns by using QR codes in marketing. The QR technology is perfect for developing the design of table tents, stands, holders, and other advertising constructions. So use the QR code generator to create table advertising designs!

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