New opportunities provided by QR codes for fitness studios and gyms

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For the past few years, questions about a healthy lifestyle have been at the peak of popularity around the world. People began to listen more to the advice of experts: to be regularly checked by doctors, to give preference to healthy food, to get rid of bad habits, and to do sports. Therefore, it’s not surprising that new gyms for fitness and sports clubs for amateur sports are regularly opened.

Despite the high demand, the owners of sports centers are always focused on maintaining and developing the business. They need to expand their customer base, improve awareness, and increase profitability. Today you’ll learn how QR technology can help achieve these goals and how to make a QR code for free.

What value does QR technology bring to the sports business?

Clients are very selective nowadays. When it comes to buying any product or service, they choose carefully: they study reviews, get their first free visit, and pay attention to the service quality and other aspects. Therefore, owners of fitness studios and gyms need to offer an entirely new level of service in order to attract the attention of potential customers in a highly competitive environment.

The QR code generator is a modern and functional tool to improve the user experience for your new and regular clients. Just a few clicks on a smartphone, one instant QR code scanning by a camera or a QR scanner - and the client immediately plunges into a convenient and safe interaction with you in the fitness club or outside it.

At the same time, you don’t need special skills or paid tools to generate a QR code. With ME-QR service, you can easily and quickly create the QR code online from scratch.

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How you can use the QR code for gyms

You can use the QR code in the sports industry for various purposes and tasks. For example, for providing contactless registration of a client during a visit, advertising your gym online or offline, selling sports nutrition, disseminating information about special offers, etc. We also recommend trying the following effective ideas.

QR Playlist

Workout playlists

Music can energize and set you in the right mood during a workout. Generate a QR code with energetic and engaging playlists for clients. It can be a music selection on YouTube Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, or any of your audio files.

QR Instructions

Instruction for sports equipment

How to work with one or another fitness machine or gym equipment, how to perform a specific exercise correctly - such tips will be useful for both beginners and those who regularly attend the gym. To do this, you can make the QR code with a link to a video or a detailed text description.

QR Feedback

Feedback collection via Google Forms

Customer feedback is incredibly valuable information. It’ll help you figure out what needs to be improved in your gym and then work on offering your clients more. With QR codes, you can easily collect reviews, because it won’t be difficult for clients to simply scan the code and answer a couple of questions to share their opinion.

QR Social Media

Recognition in social networks

Most clients will want to follow your gym's social media account. There they can receive the latest news of what’s happening in your gym, ask questions to the staff, learn about special offers, and more. In turn, you’ll have a great opportunity to advertise and interact with your audience. To make it easier for users to find your account on the social network, you can create a QR code that links directly to your account.

Not every advertising campaign can catch the attention of the audience, motivate them to buy a product or service, make a profit, etc. Especially when it comes to such a competitive area as sports services. Therefore, use the QR code generator and interactive QR codes. This smart, easy-to-use, and effective tool will help you take your business to the next level!