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How to scan QR codes on Samsung and iPhone devices

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A huge amount of information is available about QR technology benefits. Therefore, today it definitely makes sense to create a QR code for business, public organizations, authorities, personal purposes, and so on. However, there’s a question that regularly arises from users: how to properly and successfully scan a QR code on Samsung and iPhone devices. Let’s consider this in detail.

How Samsung device owners should use QR codes

All Samsung gadgets are based on Android and are 100% compatible with QR code generators. Most models, especially the latest line of smartphones and tablets, automatically scan QR codes with no need to install third-party apps. However, the availability of a built-in scanner varies depending on the Android version.

So, you can use one of the following methods to access the encrypted content in a QR code:

- Camera app. This built-in application is available in absolutely all models of Samsung devices. You need to enable the corresponding option in the camera settings to be able to scan the QR code;

- Bixby vision. Using this application, you can get information about the objects around you just by taking a photo. The function is built into Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8, and more recent models. You need to allow the app to scan QR codes;

Samsung QR Generator
Samsung QR Generator

- Samsung Internet. Open settings and allow this standard mobile browser to scan QR codes. Now all codes will open automatically;

- any QR scanner from Google Play. There are hundreds of QR code generators and scanners for users in the mobile market. You can choose any application and follow the instructions to scan.

Apart from various apps, you can also scan QR codes through some social networks. Among them are LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and others.

How Apple device owners should use QR codes

Today, in users’ hands, you can see different iPhone generations - from the earliest to the latest. Of these, models from the iPhone 5s released in 2013 to the 13 Pro/Pro Max, the latest release of 2021, are compatible with the version of iOS 11 that supports QR code scanning. All of these gadgets offer the ability to scan QR codes.

To use this feature on your Apple device, you need to follow these steps:

- open the camera and point it at the QR code;

- wait for a notification about the successful scanning;

- follow a link or open a file encrypted in a code (usually a system automatically redirects the user to the Safari browser).

If scanning doesn’t start, you need to go to the application settings and check if the option to scan the code through the camera is enabled. If you wish, you can install any scanner from the App Store and use it by default to open QR codes.

Apple QR Codes
 Apple QR Generator

Ready, set, scan!

The use of QR technology and the QR code generator implies interaction with mobile devices - smartphones and tablets. Any user can scan the code by pointing the camera of their device at it or using a QR scanner. According to statistics, it is the owners of modern smartphones based on iOS or Android who make up the largest target audience for QR codes.

Now it’s clear that using the QR code generator is as simple as possible, and scanning the code on Samsung and iPhone devices is even easier. Therefore, feel free to use all QR technology advantages and instantly get access to the content you need, no matter what gadget and operating system you have!
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