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Anna Karamazina

26.11.2022 15:00

Bob Dylan believes streaming has made music industry too easy


As Bob Dylan recently stated, streaming platforms make the music industry "too smooth and painless".

The iconic singer-songwriter has given a rare interview to The Wall Street Journal. Apart from promoting his new book, The Philosophy of Modern Song,  Dylan claimed that even though he might occasionally use some streaming services, he prefers vinyl, CDs, and radio a great deal.

According to Dylan, "Everything's too easy. Just one stroke of the ring finger, middle finger, one little click, that's all it takes. We've dropped the coin right into the slot," he said. "It's all too easy, too democratic. You need a solar X-ray detector just to find somebody's heart, see if they still have one."

Dylan further suggested that a record player is still the best way to listen to music.

"I bought three in an antique store in Oregon about 30 years ago. The tone quality is so powerful and miraculous, has so much depth. It always takes me back to the days when life was different and unpredictable," the musician said.

At another point of the interview, Dylan expressed that his music interest is not bound by any genre and he listens to anything, from ballads to country blues, and explores new artists accidentally.

As he added, "I walk into things intuitively when I'm most likely not looking for anything. Performers and songwriters recommend things to me. Others, I just wake up and they're there."

The Philosophy of Modern Song incorporates Dylan's comments on sixty six songs performed by other musicians and is now available for purchase.

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