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Anna Karamazina

26.11.2022 15:00

7 promising marketing trends to try this year

Every January, marketing professionals release their "hot trends" for the next year. These are popular and useful materials since marketing is always evolving and it can be tough to stay ahead with all of the trends. But we seldom take the time to reflect on what marketing trends truly succeeded.  So, here's a look back at what worked best in 2022.

While AI, visual content, and customization were all hot themes moving into 2022, these are the seven strategies discovered to be most beneficial to marketing customers in 2022.

1. Adaptable and pivotal methods

Most businesses begin the new year with a complete 12-month marketing strategy. When strategies and methods fail to generate outcomes, a problem arises. What happens next?

Everyone can rely on one trend: technique efficacy will alter and shift over the year. It's been established  that one of the most useful methods to pivot your marketing efforts without sacrificing your entire plan is to establish flexible tactics that anticipate changes.

2. Surprising and delightful

Recovering from the epidemic, consumers want comfort and enjoyment. Last  year, there have been tremendous outcomes from taking the time to express gratitude and brighten someone's day with surprise and delight initiatives. These moments may serve as a brand identifier as well as a very successful technique for cultivating long-term client loyalty.

3. Modifying content strategy in response to changing customer habits

People's content consumption habits have shifted. While video content and social media were prominent last year, it's especially crucial to consider your audience's interests when developing your content strategy. Most marketers concentrated on written content, whether online or in print, a decade ago. Businesses nowadays must evaluate how content marketing and customer behaviors have developed.

4. Promoting your platform through social responsibility

As conscious consumption gains traction, many businesses have incorporated social responsibility into their corporate identity. We saw various firms emphasize their plans to minimize carbon footprint by 2022. On a smaller scale, though, we've seen the impact of emphasizing your company's commitment to make a positive effect in your neighborhood.

5. Employee involvement

It is critical in today's digital age to make an attempt to get to know your clients on an individual level. Without it, your digital marketing efforts will most likely fail. Getting your staff engaged in your marketing has shown to be an effective tactic. Shifting your marketing approach from product- or service-centered to customer-centered might be a beneficial approach as you explore ways to engage with your audience.

6. Micro-stories and bite-sized content

Tiktok and other video-based platforms emerged as the rage at the start of the year. While their impact has clearly expanded, we've seen the "micro-content" trend spread to practically every marketing channel. For example, reformatting information into micro-infographics for mass media has been a great success. In short, the easier we can make it for individuals to read and comprehend our data, the more likely they are to share it.

7. SMS marketing

Text promotions were one of those unexpected developments that no one was talking about at the beginning of the year. Despite this, it appears that many businesses have resorted to SMS marketing as a means of reaching out to clients. Text messages have a 98% open rate, making them the best marketing method. While many B2C organizations have utilized SMS for product notifications and promotions, we're keen to see whether there are ways B2B companies may use it to engage consumers as the approach evolves.

While you may not be able to foresee which channels and methods will be effective next year, you can embrace the timeless concepts and strategies that underpin them.


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