How to create a QR code for software and video games

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The objectives of applying QR codes in software and video game development are identical to other business segments. This is an opportunity to improve the recognition of an IT company, increase the reach of the target audience, improve user interaction, etc. Therefore, if you want to achieve excellent prospects in the IT industry, create a QR code to promote your product.


How to use a QR code for programs and games

Games and programs developed for various operating systems are always in demand among users. And thanks to the QR code generator, developers can have an additional tool for promoting new and existing IT products. So let's look at 4 practical strategies that will bring significant benefits to your team.

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1. Increase website traffic


It's critical for software and game developers to have their websites. On the site, you can publish releases, news, and valuable content for users to improve your recognition and expertise on the Internet. Therefore, increasing website traffic is essential.

To develop your web resource, try to make a QR code using a link, for example, to the main page of a site or a specific product. Next, place it on online marketplaces and print advertising media to help users easily navigate to the right page and check out your software.

2. Increase the number of views of promotional materials


Posting trailers for games and announcements of new software releases is a traditional and effective way to advertize future releases. Potential users like such content, especially in the video format.

Therefore, generate a QR code linked to YouTube, a website, social networks, or any platform where you post your video content. We also recommend placing the QR code in the field of vision (for example, on an advertising display in a shopping center or a thematic magazine). Then, users need to scan the code to get instant access to the content that interests them.

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3. Advertize upcoming events


Launching a new game or program is an anticipated event for true fans and all engaged users. And for companies, this is an opportunity to draw more attention to releases. In addition, such events are a "springboard" for large-scale sales of software and video games.

To effectively advertize future events, you can create a QR code and place it on social networks, on a website, in magazines, on posters, etc. This way, you'll capture the attention of your target audience and make the future event even more enormous. Be sure to adapt the content and design of the QR code to share the date, time, venue, and other organizational details.


4. Make it easy to download your IT product


QR technology works great to improve the user experience even during software downloads. It relieves the user of the need to spend time and effort searching, downloading, and launching installation files. You only need to add a link to the QR code to make it easy to install a video game or program on any supported device.

A great option is to make a QR code using a link in the App Store, Google Play, or directly to a page on your site that contains versions of your game or program for iOS, Android, Windows, and other operating systems. Thus, the user can easily scan the code, quickly follow the link, immediately select the desired installation package and install the program on their device.

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QR technology fits the industry of software development and video games perfectly. Learn how to create QR codes and enjoy their benefits!


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