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What is QR Code?

Today QR codes are found in almost all spheres of human life: on the packaging of most products of daily use, in advertising, on various Internet resources, etc. They greatly simplify all processes and save time, because in order to find out about the product, it takes just a few seconds to scan the QR code using your phone. But before talking about how to create a QR code, let’s get to know more about what it is.
how to use and create qr code

QR code (Quick Response)

– is a type of two-dimensional barcode that functions as a way to store and transmit encrypted information when scanned by a mobile device. The encrypted information can be anything from a link to a site to a piece of text with approximately 4000 characters.
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How to create a QR code: quick guide

To make a QR code, we advise you to decide with the format of the source and how the encrypted information will look in the end. That is, to generate a QR, the PDF format can be used as a source, or the user can create a QR code, PNG or JPG for which can also be a source. The question of how to make a QR code for a picture will not be problematic, because the process takes place in several simple steps.

Step 1 - Choose the type of QR code which you need. It can be link to the website or any other service such as YouTube or your social media. Also, you can create QR code for picture, PDF file, restaurant menu and email.

Step 2 - Put or tap the link into the line if you chose link. If you chose to create QR code for an image .jpg or .png you need just upload file from your computer. If you chose to create QR code for email just tap email address, subject of email and press the button generate QR code.

Step 3 - Stylize your QR code. You can choose one from two styles or leave your QR code without customization.
To save the ready QR code you need to press button Download QR code. And voila! your code is saved at your computer.

Tips: Did you know that, if you will sign up at me-qr.com you will have your account with all your generated QR codes in there.

Also it is absolutely free to change the link, picture or PDF linked to your QR code.

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QR code with logo: advantages

A QR code with a logo facilitates visualization and faster identification of a product, company or service. The advantage of this code is its external design, since a QR code with a logo immediately provides a piece of information that is placed in it. Moreover, QR with logo stands out from other common QR codes with black pixels on a white background.
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Therefore, on our website, we offer each user to create a free QR code with logo or a unique QR code with their own design. This will make the QR code unusual, give it additional information and improve visual perception.