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QR technology is an effective tool for advertising campaigns. For example, if you create a QR code for a website, you can increase traffic; adding a restaurant menu to the code can improve customer service. But these are only some advantages of modern QR codes. 

Today codes are used in electoral systems to organize the voting process, simplify the votes count, and prevent any manipulation of results. Electoral systems based on QR technology have been successfully implemented in Norway, Belgium, Estonia, Germany, and the USA. That is why we invite you to find out how interactive codes can improve and facilitate elections.

QR codes advantages for voting systems

During the voting organization and conduct, two aspects are priority: convenience and security. On the one hand, it is essential to provide quality electoral procedures preparation: the compilation of voter lists, issuance of ballot papers, expression of will, etc. On the other hand, votes count control and transparency are critical issues.  

Therefore, interactive and static QR codes are valuable for voting systems. In addition to improving the electoral process organization, they can provide many other significant benefits:

Speeding Up Registration Procedures

To save time and effort while voting, create a QR code for online voters registration;

Increasing The Voter Turnout

More straightforward registration procedures, including the option to scan a QR code for registration, motivate voters to be more conscious of their voting rights;

Minimizing Electoral Process Violations

The QR code became a tool to increase the security and transparency of the electoral system from the start of campaigns to summing up the results;

Optimizing Voting On Mobile Devices

With QR technology, citizens can vote in elections with a few clicks on their smartphones - the QR code website link will render them to the voting form in no time.

QR for Voting

Thus, QR codes are useful in conducting elections and referendums. They are crucial for many aspects of modern voting systems, from simplifying the work of electoral commissions to activating the civil position of the population.

Examples of QR codes for elections 

You can generate a QR code with different content depending on your needs and goals. The most popular options are the file QR code, URL QR, or, for instance, when you convert a Vcard or PDF to a QR code. Let's look at several ways of applying interactive codes in the elections.

Running an election campaign

To successfully organize and conduct elections, you must constantly work with the target audience before the election day. Create a QR code with a file and share necessary documents, such as candidate lists, and more.

QR Election Champaigns
QR Invitations

Instructions on how to participate in the election

The electronic voting is a relatively new phenomenon in most countries. Therefore, you should explain to voters how they can exercise their will online. To do this, you can add a PDF to the QR code with detailed instructions.

Invitation to join the voting

It is essential to motivate people to participate in the elections. This applies both to voting at the national level and a simple survey on social media. A QR code for a presentation that explains to voters the importance of their participation works well in such cases.

QR for Elections

Interactive codes have become widely used in various election systems. This refers to election procedures at the local and state levels and voting on online platforms or in business circles. With the QR code generator, this trend will continue to grow in popularity!

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