Features and benefits of the email QR code

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Email QR Codes
QR Email Benefits

E-mail correspondence is one of the most convenient ways to communicate. This is relevant for both private messaging and business correspondence in B2B and B2C segments. Especially often users prefer this format of communication when they want to contact a particular company via the Internet. But to send an email, you need to carefully enter the recipient's address, because the slightest mistake is critical.

If you are searching for an answer to the question "Is it real to create a QR code for an email address", you’ll be pleased with the answer. Yes, it is absolutely real and, what’s more, extremely simple. Thanks to the QR generator, each user gets the opportunity to send an email to any address contained within the QR code.

Why convert text to the QR code?

The answer is simple - to get a big advantage. Firstly, an email with a QR code reduces the influence of the human factor in the process of interacting with the target audience. When you send an email manually, you need to open an email client in a browser or app and fill in all the fields. It is here that there is a high probability of making a mistake in the address, which means sending a letter to the wrong recipient. And if you have a QR code for the email address, then such errors are excluded since the QR code will automatically send the email.
QR Code for Email
Email QR Technology
Secondly, QR codes can help improve the quality of communication. Imagine that your company is providing user information or fabricating some products. The use of QR technology makes it easy and simple to ask questions and receive answers, collect customer reviews, and process user requests. As a result, the target audience will be happy to contact you and will not experience any inconvenience.

Thirdly, QR technology means no implementation costs for your business. You can create, download/print, edit, and use QR codes of different types and for any purpose absolutely free.
Now let's look at QR email benefits from the user's perspective. After scanning the QR code, the link will redirect the user to the form to create an email. Here one can change all the fields or send an email at once. As you can see, QR technology makes it as easy as possible to create and send a letter: it already contains all the data (recipient address, subject), and the sender only needs to add the message body. It’s convenient for both the company and the person.

How to create a QR code for email

It’s not difficult to create a QR code email, and it is even easier to use it in practice. The process is user-friendly and helps eliminate errors. So, here's what’s needed for getting a QR code:

 Open QR Generator
Step 1
- open the ME-QR generator and select the QR code type you need (in this case, email);
Choose QR Category
Step 2
- further select the category of QR-content (available options are "Career", "Art", "Education", and others);
Enter Email Address
Step 3
- specify the email address where the mail will be sent to (it can be any email server you have - Gmail, Outlook, Yandex mail, AOL, etc.) - the standard format [email protected];

Enter Email Subject
Step 4
- enter the subject of your letter (a short phrase that will be next to the name of the sender and recipient);
Enter Email Body
Step 5
- enter the body of the letter (the content you want to have in your email);
Create Email QR
Step 6
- click the corresponding button to get the QR code.
When generating a QR code, it’s important to make sure that all information is correct. Check that the fields are filled correctly and test the generated QR code. Also, don’t disregard the customization of your design: add a logo and frame, customize the color and line thickness. The unique QR code is guaranteed to attract the attention of customers! Another advantage is that there is no need to encode and query building for the mailto scheme. The QR code will fit perfectly the overall marketing strategy of any business: from a fashionable restaurant to a domestic manufacturer of household appliances.

Note! You can use the generated QR code with no time limits since it has no expiration date. Edit it as needed, taking full advantage of a dynamic code. It's free and as easy as possible!

As you can see, generating a QR code for an email has no pitfalls. You just open the ME-QR generator and create your QR code in a few clicks. It's fast, easy, and free. Try it once - and the second time you will have no questions.

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