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Different QR Code Types

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that allows information to be encoded and transmitted when scanned, for example with a smartphone camera. Today, QR codes are a multifunctional tool that is widely used in many spheres: from marketing and education, to design and file sharing. Let's consider the main types of QR codes and their main spheres of application.

Basic Types Of QR Codes

To the basic and most demanded QR code type, it is possible to refer three types of information, which was most often encrypted by means of QR codes from the moment of appearance of the technology and till today:

Type Link

Link/URL QR-code

This type of QR code allows encrypting links to web resources in the form of an image and instantly opening these sites when scanned. They are often placed in advertising materials, on business cards, packages, where it is necessary to provide the user with additional information online. This is a convenient and fast way to go to sites without manually entering long links.

Type Wifi


QR codes for Wi-Fi allow you to instantly authorize in wireless networks without manually entering passwords. Just scan the code with your camera and the device will automatically connect to Wi-Fi. This is very convenient in public places like cafés, restaurants, hotels, where visitors are provided with free Internet. Using such codes saves time and eliminates errors when entering passwords.

Type Text


Text QR codes are designed to encode and transmit short text messages in the form of a scanned image. It is convenient to place them in educational literature, catalogs, on information stands, where it is necessary to compactly provide the audience with important text information. This allows not to clutter the main content with unnecessary text.

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QR Information Types

QR codes in the information format can be used for simplified exchange of contact data. Instead of manually entering a phone number or e-mail address, a user, having scanned such a code, is immediately redirected to call or create a new e-mail to a specified recipient.

Type vCard QR

VCard QR

Allow you to instantly exchange contacts after scanning — all information will be automatically saved to the phone book. This is much more convenient than traditional paper business cards — saves time and eliminates errors when entering data manually. Such codes are relevant at exhibitions, in advertising booklets for prompt transfer of contacts to the target audience.

Type Wifi

E-mail, Phone Call, SMS QR Code

This types of QRcode allow after scanning to automatically call, write a message or send a letter without manual input of data. They are placed on websites, business cards, advertising materials to simplify communication with clients. This saves time and eliminates errors when entering information manually.

For example, by scanning this QR code, your device will prompt you to open an email app and automatically put ME-QR Support Services in the recipient's subject line:

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QR Format For Social Networks

QR codes for social media have become a key element in engaging audiences and strengthening a brand's online presence. They span multiple platforms, providing a comprehensive solution to effectively engage with the digital community. This approach not only provides instant access to profiles, but also increases audience engagement, fostering a close bond between brand and users. While most popular social networks today have built-in functionality (for example, a QR code for Facebook can be created within the network itself), utilizing third-party generators such as ME-QR has the following advantages:

More features: Built-in QR code generators typically offer a limited set of features such as adding text, images and links. Standalone QR code generators offer a wider range of features such as adding dynamic data, tracking analytics, and creating personalized QR codes.
More flexibility: Individual QR code generators allow you to create QR codes according to your specific needs. Provide the ability to choose size, color, shape and other parameters to ensure QR codes match your specific brand and marketing materials.
Higher reliability: Standalone QR code generators are generally more reliable than embedded ones. They use more advanced encoding and error-checking algorithms, making it less likely that the QR code will be corrupted or unread.

QR codes combined with social media are becoming a strategic tool for developing and reinforcing brand identity.

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Multimedia Types Of QR Codes

Modern QR codes allow not only to transmit text or links, but also to embed multimedia content.

Type vCard QR

Audio QR-code, Video

Such codes open up opportunities to enrich advertisements, websites, instructions with audiovisual content, increasing the volume of information and audience involvement. For example, you can supplement the instruction manual to the equipment with a demonstration video in QR.

Type Wifi

Image, PPTX QR

QR codes of such formats allow encoding images of different formats or PowerPoint files. After scanning, the user will be able to quickly open and familiarize with the graphic content or presentation. It is convenient to use in educational materials, booklets, on stands for visual demonstration of photos, infographics, slides.

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QR Code Format For File Transfer

QR codes are becoming a convenient means of providing access to various documents and files both online and offline. Including QR code formats for PDF, Google Doc, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Office 365, and file sharing, these QR codes are finding widespread use in educational environments as well as in corporate environments for document management and collaboration. Their use is especially valuable in educational institutions and business environments, providing easy access to documents, questionnaires, spreadsheets, and other files.

Key Benefits

Ease of access: Users can instantly access the documents they need, avoiding the need to enter URLs or search for files.
Facilitate collaboration: QR codes facilitate information sharing and collaboration, which is especially relevant for teams working in different locations.
Quickly navigate to files: They allow you to quickly navigate to the files you require, improving the efficiency of working with documents in different contexts.

For example, by scanning this QR code you can download “Quick Apple Pie Recipe” in PDF Format:

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QR Types For Applications And Services

QR codes for apps direct users to download pages in app stores such as Google Play or the App Store. QR codes for media services and shopping platforms direct users to profiles or specific content on popular platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, Etsy. This QR format helps increase the visibility and accessibility of apps and services to a wide audience. It is simply integrated into various marketing materials and promotional channels to effectively capture the attention of users.

For example, you can use this code to download ME-QR App in App Store and Play Market:

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QR Code Types For Locations And Events

QR codes are actively used to solve tasks related to geolocation and event planning. They are used for quick navigation in Google Maps to the desired location, for instant addition of schedules and event reminders to smartphone calendars, and also as e-tickets for various events with built-in geolocation.

To create a code with a location, simply paste a link to the location of the point in Google Maps:


This approach significantly optimizes the organization and holding of events, simplifies the process of informing and interacting with the target audience. For example, instead of printing paper invitations, QR codes with a link to the time and location of the event can be distributed. This saves time and resources for organizers.

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Personalized Format Of QR Codes

Modern QR code builders allow you to create unique design codes personalized to a brand or creative project. You can design your own different types of QR codes with a special URL leading to a customized page. A company's logo, corporate colors and fonts can be integrated into the code. You can also use non-standard, recognizable QR shapes instead of the traditional square shapes.


This is an excellent tool for increasing brand awareness, visual perception of advertising campaigns, as well as implementing creative projects that will be remembered by the audience. Personalized QR codes strengthen brand loyalty and improve the target user experience.

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Different QR code formats demonstrate truly limitless potential as a technology that radically changes the usual ways of interaction between people, businesses, and devices. Their versatility, speed, and convenience in transmitting almost any data in encrypted form forms a completely new ecosystem of information exchange.

ME-QR service provides powerful and at the same time intuitive functionality for generation of all types of QR codes existing today, and their number continues to grow rapidly with the development of the technology.

Key benefits of ME-QR

Huge selection of QR templates for any task.
Maximum customization and branding possibilities.
Easy integration into any business processes.
Automated QR marketing with no extra effort.
Powerful code efficiency analytics.
Highest level of reliability and stability.

The use of multifunctional different QR code types in everyday life, makes life even more technological and business — truly effective.