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QR on Social Media

The number of followers on social networks is very important for any business. Each subscriber is your potential client who regularly monitors updates to your official account and is ready to purchase your products or services.

Therefore, the presence in social networks and complex work with the target audience are priorities in brand promotion. In this case, the QR code generator and interactive codes are worth introducing into your marketing strategy. Thanks to them, you can successfully increase the number of subscribers to accounts on different social media platforms.

How to increase the number of followers using QR codes on social media

According to current statistics presented at the beginning of 2022, the average person spends 2 hours and 27 minutes on social networks daily. This is a vast amount of time, which is logical to use for unobtrusive advertising of goods and services. Moreover, users are more willing to interact with brands in a comfortable environment.

Based on these data, any business has to pay attention to enhance social media awareness. A strategy that includes QR codes for social media accounts is ideal for companies of any size and activity field.

Let's look at some successful ways to make a QR code for free to promote your social media accounts. With just a few clicks, you will start an ongoing process of growing the number of your subscribers.

QR Business Followers

QR code on the company's website

Website QR Code

A website is an essential branding feature of any company. On the one hand, it demonstrates your reliability and respectability; on the other hand, it provides potential customers with valuable information. That is why it is worth placing a QR code on official website pages with a call to subscribe to your accounts on social networks.

QR code on the product packaging

If a customer buys your product through a website or offline store, you can motivate them to join your social media community. For this, it is enough to make a QR code using a link to your page and place it on the product packaging, sticker, branded package, or it may even be a social media QR code business card. Often, buyers get acquainted with branded souvenirs with interest and do not ignore the call to “follow us on social media” via QR code.

 Packaging QR Code

QR code on the shop window

Shop Window QR

If you have offline stores, it would be great to use your storefronts to advertize your QR codes and social media accounts. Thousands of people pass by your signs daily, so advertisements are incredibly effective. Your QR code will attract attention among traditional slogans and informational posters, which means it will help users instantly subscribe to your pages on social networks.

QR code on outdoor advertising

Citylights, billboards, brochures, flyers, and other printing can also become the driving force for growing your popularity in social networks. All you need to do is generate a QR code with a multilink, redirecting users to your pages on Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Next, organically embed this code into your ad layout and place it in the intended location.

QR Code Advertising

QR technology is a relevant, organic, and effective way to promote a business on the Internet. Indeed, modern marketers recommend using QR codes for the promotion of your brand. So use a social media QR code generator for free and speed up growing your followers!

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