QR code for TikTok: features, objectives, and efficiency

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TikTok is a 21st-century phenomenon. To date, more than 1 billion people from all over the world use this social network, 90% of whom access the web daily. This platform is a great "springboard" for advertising campaigns in any industry: from the service sector to improving service quality at airports.

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How TikTok uses QR codes

Following the example of other platforms, TikTok allows each user to make a QR code using a link to a personal profile. QR code creation is one of the easiest ways to grow your account and followers through traditional advertising methods.

But it will be even better to generate a dynamic QR code through the ME-QR multifunctional service. For this, you need:

– select the QR code type - “URL”;
– add the link to your TikTok account in the corresponding field;
– click the “Customize and download QR” button;
– customize the code design to your liking (for example, choose the color, frame, and corners style);
– click the “Download QR code” button to save the code in the right format (PNG or SVG).

The user needs to scan this QR code and subscribe to the account.

Such a QR code can help increase the visibility of your corporate or personal brand on TikTok. But to hold large-scale advertising campaigns and achieve more significant results, it's recommended to use a QR code generator.

Why use a QR code for TikTok

The best choice for TikTokers is to use a QR code generator with the ability to create codes of the dynamic type. For example, try ME-QR, a modern generator that allows you to generate QR codes of the dynamic type for various content for free. Among its main advantages are the possibilities for:

– creating QR codes for links, images, videos, presentations, and other content;
– editing the contents of a QR code, including changing the code type;
– adding a password;
– customizing the QR code design;
– changing the domain of the QR code;
– tracking statistics of scans and many other functionalities.

TikTok QR Benefits

You can actively grow your TikTok account by creating QR codes with ME-QR. Let's look at a few valuable features of the QR code generator that will come in handy.

Develop TikTok Brand

Increase account awareness

When you develop a personal or corporate brand on TikTok, you aim to increase awareness among your potential audience and build trust in your account. This way, you can keep in touch with loyal subscribers and reach a new target audience.

If you want to express your corporate identity, you need to create a QR code and customize its properties. For example, choose a frame, select a code color, add a logo, etc.

Reach your target audience

The number one goal for every TikToker is to increase the number of followers. This strategy will ensure high conversion, which means the desired income level from maintaining the account on TikTok.

You can create a QR code with any content for subscribers and a call to action to achieve these goals. It can be a link to a website, video, audio, etc.

Increase TikTok Followers
Track QR Statistics

Track statistics

QR code scan statistics include a lot of important information. Among them are the geography of scans, the number of unique users, etc.

Based on the data received, you can control the account development strategy. Moreover, for maximum promotion efficiency on TikTok, you can adjust the content plan, focusing on the reaction of subscribers.

Promote your account through other social networks

Even if your key target audience is in TikTok, remember that this social network is not the only one. By creating content for your TikTok followers, you can duplicate it on other platforms and thus boost your success.

You need to generate a QR code linked to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. So you can promote your content on other social networks simultaneously.

Social QR Ads

Thus, TikTok and QR technology are a great match. Use this interactive tool to reach your desired TikToker career prospects!

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