Valentine's Day holiday cards with QR codes

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Valentine's Day QR

Valentine's Day is another great reason to express your feelings and remind your loved ones how much you cherish them. Greeting lovers, relatives, friends, and colleagues with traditional postcards or symbolic souvenirs is common. But you can also use the QR code generator to make unique QR gifts.

Creative QR code Valentine's Day greeting

A typical card or gift is unlikely to please a modern person on Valentine's Day. They lack individuality and a personal touch. Make your sincere Valentine's Day greetings unique with the QR code generator and helpful tips.

The Tussock Jumper Wines winery showed a great example of a Valentine’s Day QR code application. They prepared unique wine bottle labels with dynamic QR codes. Buyers could edit the code through a particular application and add content (a picture, video, text, or voice message) to present the bottle to their beloved. People needed to scan the code to accept the greeting.

Such a QR card with a personal message stands out compared to a typical souvenir. Here are 4 ideas on how to create a QR code and make an original Valentine's Day greeting.

Valentine's Day Greetings

QR code with videos

If you want to greet a loved one personally but cannot be there for some reason, you should make a QR code with a video. To do this, record a video on your smartphone, upload it to any resource, copy the link, and then add it to the code. You can also use the existing video with a romantic song or poem and make a YouTube QR code.

Video QR Code
 Voice Message QR

QR code with voice messages

Recording a voice message is another popular way to create a Valentine's Day QR code card. It can be a verbal greeting, a theme song, or audio. To generate a QR code, record an audio clip, select the "Audio" code type in the ME-QR service, and upload your clip to the code.

QR code with photos

A photo or series of photographs is a popular way to wish someone a Happy Valentine's Day. Choose the code type in the generator and upload a photo. You can add one or more pictures to the QR code.

Photo QR Code
Personal Message QR

QR code with personal messages

The most heartwarming and enjoyable way to send Valentine's Day greetings is to use a QR code generator with logo to create an interactive code with a text message. You can write several short sentences from your heart, a verse, or an entire poem. The QR code can contain a large text volume, so you will have enough number of characters to express your feelings.

Additionally, consider customizing your Valentine's Day interactive code. The frame QR code and red cells will make a greeting card look more festive. Either way, use the QR generator to prepare a personalized card for your beloved person!

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