Top 5 QR code marketing mistakes and how to correct them

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QR in Marketing

The modern QR code has become one of the most popular marketing tools. You can add a PDF file, presentation, video, link, text, and other types of content to such code. But the general demand for QR technology has a downside - possible errors.

Therefore, it is very important not only to use the QR code generator but also to correct (or, better, avoid) possible problems. Let's take a look at 5 common QR code marketing mistakes and effective ways to fix them.

Mistake #1. Put a QR code because it's trendy

Generating QR codes means keeping up with the times. Modern companies strive to please demanding customers, so they use functional tools to interact with them. However, it is not enough to create a QR code and add it somewhere “for show” to imitate your brand is innovative and initiative.

How to solve this issue: make the code an integral part of your advertising strategy. Think over its goals in advance, test the code for performance, and ensure that it is meaningful to people.

Trendy QR Codes
QR Strategy

Mistake #2. Create a QR code without a well-thought-out strategy

If you see only a QR code on a web page and nothing more, would you be willing to scan it? It’s unlikely. Such code will not interest users because it does not look attractive, and you know absolutely nothing about the content.

How to solve this issue: try to generate a QR code that will solve a specific user problem and bring apparent benefits. For example, you plan to increase the number of your application downloads in the App Store or Play Market. For that, make a code redirecting the user after scanning directly to the software download page.

Mistake #3. Do not explain to users why they scan a QR code

Most modern users know the benefits of QR codes, but some need tips. Just imagine: a person sees a two-dimensional barcode and has no idea why and how to scan it. Most likely, they will ignore your QR code.

How to solve this issue: Place brief, step-by-step instructions near your QR code on how to quickly scan it on Samsung and Apple devices, and add a call to action (for example, "scan me"). In addition, explain what benefits the QR code will bring the user. For example, you have added a link to a restaurant menu or price list for your services in PDF to a QR code.

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Mistake #4. Add useless content to the QR code

Many companies add to the code a link to an outdated site or social network that has no valuable information, thereby discounting all its advantages. Users who scan such a QR code and see useless content will hardly get any benefits.

How to solve this issue: add valuable content to the code. You can create a QR code with a user manual, an informative article, a short YouTube video, and more. The main criterion is the actual benefit for the user.

Mistake #5. Underestimate the significance of the QR code design

The QR code is a tool that gives users access to valuable information. But that doesn't mean you can ignore the way it looks. Remember: design always matters. Thanks to the eye-catching QR code design, you can increase the number of scans and develop the brand identity.

How to solve this issue: Customize the design elements of the QR code, namely, add a frame, change the background color, edit the corners’ style, etc. Thanks to the unique code design, you can attract the target audience’s attention and increase the number of scans.

 QR Code Design

So follow actionable recommendations and use the QR code generator at 100%!