How to create a QR code: simple instruction from ME-QR

To create QR code for link, video or image - click on button below. 

Create QR Code


Owing to QR technology, users have a convenient and functional tool for distributing different content. From plain text to an interactive restaurant menu, anything can be encoded in a QR code and then given instant access to a wide audience or a limited circle of people. The modern QR code generator opens up innovative opportunities for business, work, study, and personal purposes.

Getting started with QR codes

QR Code Generator

To make a QR code, click on the corresponding button on the QR-code generator page. The first step is choosing the content type. You need to know what specific information you want to share, namely its format. You can add a link, image, PDF, PowerPoint presentation, business card, Wi-Fi connection information, mobile app, restaurant menu, etc to the QR code. Depending on the chosen QR code type, you’ll need to paste the link into the field, upload the file or fill in text fields, and then generate the code.

Let's imagine that you want to make a QR code with a link to the page containing your company's contact information. On the QR code generating page, select the content type (in this case, a link). Next, copy the URL and paste it into the appropriate field of the ME-QR generator. Then click the “Generate QR code button” - and it's done.


Meanwhile, the service functionality isn’t limited to code creation. All our QR codes are dynamic, which means that users can not only make codes but also customize, edit, and track them and it's all completely free.

Setting up a QR code online

So, you’ve made your first QR code. At this point, you can download or customize it as you wish. The code you just created will be located in the right sidebar. Registered users have access to their library, where all previously generated QR codes are stored.

FYI! If you want to find your QR codes, make sure you are logged into your ME-QR account. Next, open the page with your QR codes: there you’ll find a list of all QR codes ever created. You can sort them by type, date, and choose how many codes to display per page.

QR Settings

At this stage, you can edit the basic information and the code content, and also transfer the code to another account, create a password for the QR code, make the one-time code, change the domain, delete the code, view scan statistics, and join the ME-CITY program.


With ME-QR service, you have the opportunity to create any type of QR code online, based on your design preferences. With just a few clicks, you can:

QR Frame

add a frame (with or without a CTA)

QR Design

customize the design (background shade, color, and style of the code);

QR Logo

choose a logo (the brand logo or one you have for social networks).

Once you finish the design, click the "Download QR" button. In no time, the QR code will be saved on your device. The code can be downloaded in .png or .svg format.

Scan QR Code

QR code is ready to use. What's next?

Now open and try to scan your QR code. This simple test will allow you to check the functionality of your code and avoid errors. If you notice erroneous content, then edit the content immediately. To change the link in the QR code, select the required code in the list, click the "Edit" button, insert the new link and update the information.

If you‘re sure that your QR code includes the content you want, its design is customized, and additional options are configured, then go ahead and use it for its intended purpose. Share your QR code online or print it out to place it anywhere needed (e.g. on a table in a restaurant, at the entrance to a mall, near the airport check-in counter, etc.).

By the way, an important advantage of the QR code generator of a dynamic type is that it provides statistics. Information about the number of code scans is available in the QR code library. If you’re interested in detailed information, then click on the "Scan statistics" and "Scan statistics on the map" buttons. They show in detail the number of scans in total, the number of unique scans, the average number per day, as well as how much you can earn cooperating with the ME-CITY program.

Dynamic QR Code


The QR technology allows you to provide quick, simple, and convenient access to any content. The user only needs to scan the code - and the encrypted text, video, audio, link, etc will appear on their smartphone screen.