How to improve the online store profitability with QR codes for social media

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The essential criteria for determining any online store's success are the number of sales and business profitability. You should promote your brand to achieve the desired profit: increase awareness and trust with potential clients. And the best way to do this is to facilitate QR code online shopping on social media.

Today the QR code for the shop is not just an option but a must-have business attribute. The average user actively buys goods and services on websites, social media, and in apps using a smartphone. The QR code generator serves as a link between sellers and buyers on different platforms.

Types of QR codes for social media

The list of popular social media platforms is enormous: it includes mobile clients for social platforms and messaging apps. With the ME-QR service, you can create a QR code online for WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, etc. Just consider your target audience preferences.

So, you can use the shop QR code in two different ways:

Generate a QR code for a specific social media platform (e.g., Facebook)

In this case, your code will contain one link and redirect users to the chosen platform when scanned. It will work if you focus on one platform where your main target audience spends most of their time. If your online store has accounts on several social media platforms, the following option is for you;

Create a QR code for a multilink

With this code, you make a list of links to social media accounts and add it to the final QR code. By scanning such code, users will see different platform links to follow. Thus, the multilink option is perfect for 2 or more links in one code.

QR for Multilink

Both types of interactive codes are effective in promoting a business on social media. With any of these QR codes sales and your online store's profitability will grow.

Ways of using QR codes for social media

Statistics show that approximately 4.2 billion people worldwide have social media accounts and spend several hours online daily. Therefore, you should create a QR code for your QR store with links to your social media accounts. With such a QR code shopping app can also become a social media traffic source. It's an effective way to build an online presence for your business in an online marketplace with a big audience.

Let's take a look at several successful ways to make QR codes for free to increase your business’ popularity on social media:

Brand promotion

Include the QR code for social media in your promotional campaigns, like printed materials;

QR Brand Promotion
QR Website Advertising

Website advertising

Put a web banner in your online QR code shop with a call to subscribe to your social media profiles;

A sale QR code for announcing discounts and special offers

Add a sale link to the QR code and publish a post for your subscribers;

Coupon for QR
Product QR Promotion

Advertisement on your products

Place your social media QR code on product labels and packaging.

The listed examples show that a QR code for advertising the trade show is an effective business tool. Generate interactive codes to achieve the image and commercial success of your event!

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