A QR code for a multilink: specifics and creation guide

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Multilink QR Code

QR technology offers many advanced functions for modern marketing. With the QR code generator, we can make interactive QR codes for any type of content. The dynamic QR codes became an essential tool for professional use - they allow you to edit the content and get valuable statistics. And now, we also have the opportunity to create a QR code for multiple links.

QR code features for a multiple link

The multilink code is one of the most popular QR code types. It allows you to create a micro-landing page with links to your website and social media accounts and then add it to the QR code. When users scan such code, they get a list of links to click on.

Multifunctional QR codes like these are essential when you need to add more than one URL to a code. Doing it by hand is time-consuming, costly, and completely irrational. By choosing to create a QR code for a multilink, you save time and avoid monotonous work.

Multiple Link QR
Scan QR Multilink

QR codes for lists of links are the most in demand for advertising campaigns in marketing. For example, to increase the company's awareness, you should create one code with links to all your accounts on social media. By scanning the code, the user will get a list of links to your profiles, and choose the appropriate one for further interaction.

The QR code with a multilink is popular in retail, education, health care, public institutions, etc. It is a great tool for content distribution in the digital space.

Instructions on creating a QR code for a multilink

Among the free functions of the ME-QR service, there is the option to create a QR code for a multilink. This process is relatively standard and simple - you can add all the necessary links to your code in a few minutes.

Create Multilink QR
Add QR Link

So, let's take a closer look at how to make a free QR code for a multilink:

- open the ME-QR QR code generator and click "Create QR code";

- pick the QR code type, that is, "List of Links";

- add all necessary information (code title and description) and upload the image;

- add links to the "Links" field. Links have to include the following information: link text, URL, image (optional);

- click the "Add link" button to add another link to your current QR code. Add as many links as you need (the maximum number is 10);

- you can add 5 more links to social networks, namely YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and WhatsApp;

- click the "Customize and download QR" button to preview your future QR code and tailor its design;

choose the QR code design (choose a frame, adjust background transparency, change the color, pattern, and corners’ style). You can also add a call to action and logo at this stage;

- click the "Download QR code" button to save the generated code in a suitable format (PNG or SVG).

QR Code Generator

You can do everything easily and quickly. Use the ME-QR QR code generator to make QR codes for a multilink! With its user-friendly interface and advanced functions, you'll be able to make an interactive code with multiple links and customize its design to your liking.