5 ways to use QR codes for recruiting

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QR for Recruiting

Interactive codes have taken over most of the digital and physical space around us. You can see QR codes in public transport, restaurants, websites, social media, product catalogs, etc., and such popularity is entirely justified. 

What’s more, QR code generator options perfectly fit recruiting tasks. Interactive codes can make the recruitment process significantly easier, e.g., reduce the time spent searching and reach a more significant number of qualified candidates.

Features of staff recruiting when applying QR codes

In modern recruiting, there are many tools for improving the recruitment process. QR technology could be an additional instrument when working with open positions and potential candidates.

As a recruiter, you've probably come across interactive codes. Applicants can create a QR code for a resume or present their CV with a QR code. It is unsurprising that adding a QR code to your resume or, for instance, using the LinkedIn QR code brings more attention to the application and entices a potential employer. However, QR technology will also be helpful for recruiters.  

Staff Recruiting QR
Use QR Codes

What is the benefit of using QR codes in recruitment? This maximizes the reach of potential candidates. 78% of job seekers use their smartphones to send job applications and resumes. Using QR codes in recruiting gives people an easier way to respond to job openings. 

A QR recruiter should always have a reliable QR code generator at hand. You can quickly generate interactive codes and increase your work efficiency. Let's look at 5 ways to use QR codes in recruitment.

#1. Share the detailed job description

A printed advertisement can be expensive and limits the number of characters you can use to describe job requirements and terms of cooperation. You should generate a QR code to share a detailed job description without restrictions.

QR Job Description
QR Job Application

#2. Provide online application for the job

You can provide the option to apply for a job by scanning a QR code. For this, you should create an online form; for example, make the QR code for Google Forms. This way, people can quickly respond to a vacancy through your Google Forms QR code.

#3. Share a list of all current job openings 

If you work as a headhunter for a company or recruitment agency, you probably have a lot of open positions. To let job applicants see the available positions, make a QR code with the link to your website where you post current vacancies.

QR Job Openings
QR Business Card

#4. Provide your contact information

An electronic business card is an essential element of recruiters' work. And if you create a QR code for a business card, you win twice. It looks modern and presentable, and it makes social contacts easier. You can add your name, job title, business phone number, website link, QR code LinkedIn profile, and other helpful information on your QR code business card.

#5. Get feedback from candidates

Results are essential in a recruiter's work, but analyzing recruitment campaigns to identify mistakes is equally crucial. To this end, you can create a QR code to collect feedback from the candidates.

Feedback QR Code

QR codes bring your recruitment process to a new quality level. You will find decent employees and save time on searching.

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